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Océ enables high-volume digital printers to boost efficiency

Press release from the issuing company

Venlo, The Netherlands - Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today presents new members of its successful continuous feed high production color systems at its Océ Home of Color II leadership event near Munich, Germany. The company also shows a variety of trend-setting applications that further enhance its broad printing capabilities in digital production color.
Transition from offset to digital
Océ now offers two models in the 30" inkjet class: the Océ JetStream 3300 with a printing speed of 150 m/min or 3,030 A4/min and the Océ JetStream 2800 with 130 m/min or 2,630 A4/min. Both systems deliver the highest productivity in their class as the industry's fastest inkjet printer on a 30" wide web. The wider print width enables customers to print a wider
range of applications, including 2-up tabloid newspaper and 6-up pocket book printing, boosting overall printing productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. The versatile Océ JetStream platform helps companies to make the transition to digital printing for applications like books and newspapers that were traditionally the domain of offset.
High speed in digital full color and monochrome
The Océ JetStream 1000 high-speed inkjet system provides customers in the transaction, TransPromo, direct mail and book sectors with the most flexible full color web press available.  It supports full-width, single-engine perfecting press capabilities and offers a unique combination of integrated 6/6 color capability including MICR. And with a footprint an average one-third smaller than any other inkjet system in its class, this self-contained printer makes highly efficient use of floor space.
The new Océ ColorStream 10000 Flex delivers the fastest toner-based, color-capable black & white productivity in the market with up to 1,425 A4/min. As a color press, the 168 A4/min Océ ColorStream system powers through over five million full-color prints a month. By including high-speed monochrome printing capability, the overall flexibility of the line is being enhanced significantly. With the ability to mix color and monochrome pages in one run, printers can extend their application variety with a single, straightforward workflow. Integrated Océ Job Appropriate Color ensures that the press automatically adapts speed and costs within one job according to the application's color use. Commercial printers, direct mail services, in-house printers and datacenters benefit from the highest productivity and quality for a wide range of applications, all from a single, upgradeable system.
The Océ VarioPrint  6320 Ultra model is the centerpiece of the new Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra line, the fastest, most productive series of ultra high-speed, high-volume digital perfecting systems. It clocks in at 306 letter-size prints per minute. This robust platform is built to sustain monthly duty cycles of up to 10 million prints, ideal for the persistent demand for greater productivity in the growing digital book publishing market.
Profitable business: digital books
In search of a better business model, the book printing market is transitioning to digital printing to reduce waste, warehousing and transportation costs. With the right technology and systems, books now represent a profitable niche for commercial printers. Océ has achieved significant penetration of the fast-growing digital book manufacturing market, with a presence in leading publishing operations all over the world. Visitors to the Océ Home of Color II event can observe the range of Océ solutions, from black & white cutsheet to ultra high-speed color inkjet.
New life for newspapers
As newspaper publishers wrestle with rising costs, changing expectations and a tough economy, Océ helps them adopt a new business model based on individualized, targeted and short-run newspapers. A live demonstration of a personalized newspaper that draws content from multiple sources is available at the Home of Color II event, highlighting opportunities for publishers to update their business models by migrating newspapers to digital production and variable content.
On target with mass individualization
Transaction printing and direct mail are demanding tasks. With high-speed color capabilities expanding application style and scope, customers are now looking for ways to utilize digital technologies - and raise overall ROI expectations. At the Home of Color II event, Océ showcases convergent innovations and services that will help direct mail organizations deliver cost-effective communication to their customers.
Booming TransPromo market
Productivity, flexibility, color-on-demand and individualization are key factors in successful one-to-one communication. The profitable new TransPromo market raises response rates, brand awareness and efficiency. New business can be generated by combining transactional content with promotional messages. Océ offers the right technology to promote dialog with customers and cross-sell and up-sell products and services.
The industry's major color event
The Océ Home of Color II event starts on September 22 and 23 and continues on October 1 and 2. It shows how cross-platform consistency, robust printing, workflow automation, finishing capabilities and outstanding support provide fresh opportunities for printing professionals to win customers and capture more revenue from existing accounts. Full-service providers, continuous feed specialists and graphic arts professionals will explore and interact with applications and learn how they can be deployed in their business to improve
competitiveness and expand their customer base.
"The Océ Home of Color II builds on the momentum generated during our first show in March and showcases a diverse mix of applications, all possible, practical and affordable using today's digital print technology," says Sebastian Landesberger, Executive Vice President, Océ Production Printing. "We are now delivering what we promised six months ago. Océ production color solutions create new opportunities to drive more revenue, increase productivity and expand in future-oriented business models in all our market segments. The breadth and innovation of Océ technology, consultancy and business support solutions reflect
Océ's leadership approach in markets that hold the most potential for our customers' success."
Hundreds of customers, industry analysts and journalists from Europe, Asia and the United States are expected to attend this major industry event.