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Technology Watch Launches The Resometer, A Standardized Software Tool To Measure Digital Output

Press release from the issuing company

February 21, 2007-- Technology Watch, a firm dedicated to monitoring and reporting on digital print technology, announces it has developed and launched the Resometer, an EPS computer file that, when dropped and played on an electronic printing device, evaluates the resolution of both the RIP and the image output device. The Resometer was invented by Henry Freedman-a third-generation printer, print scientist, and publisher of the Technology Watch newsletter-who developed the Resometer along with Swiss imaging target expert Franz Sigg, The radical shift in the graphic arts industry from analog systems to digital systems has created a void in manufacturing measuring tools. The Resometer-its name a combination of resolution and meter-is a powerful tool for printing operations because until now there has not been a standardized, practical reference tool to measure recorded image quality and resolution of electronically printed images. The Resometer measures image quality across the entire imaging chain (RIP, printing device, paper) to determine resolution. After the software evaluates the device, a test form made up of nine targets is printed. The form measures contrast-resolution, addressability, quality of small type and fine lines, smoothness of gradients, directional tone value changes and differences in RIPping of vector and bitmap images, to name a few. "If you can't measure it, you can't control it," says Freedman, which is what led him to develop the product, after a series of published experiments matching digital to offset printing. He says that manufacturers of RIPs and digital presses have found it a very valuable tool. Benefits of the Resometer include: * Assures the quality of a printing device by providing a standard target showing detail of the output device, measured on the actual substrate being printed on. * Assesses the quality of the RIP in combination with the output device. * Allows users to observe the behavior of an output device using different types of paper and substrates. * Interrogates the RIP to determine its profile-providing a snapshot of the RIP information. * Reveals service issues with the RIP and digital output manufacturers. * Evaluates various settings for digital output: density, screening, and resolution. It offers an instant gauge to evaluate different settings. * Allows monitoring of device performance over time. * Standardizes measurement across different platforms: EPS & PDF formats. * Helps troubleshoot resolution issues because the actual output resolution is measured. New York City-based digital printer Micropage, Inc., purchased the Resometer and improved its production processes. “In a fast-paced printing environment like ours, it is extremely important to have software that allows us to set our presses to the highest performance possible. The Technology Watch Resometer software allowed us to refine our relationship between our technical support department and our digital press vendors, by providing a visual guideline that shows any deficiencies. What is great about Resometer software is that it allows us to compare different RIPs on the same press with different variations of paper stock," comment Wahid Bastoros, Micropage’s general manager. The Resometer is currently available from Technology Watch and is priced at $374 in the US, and $419 overseas. It can be purchased at www.myresometer.com.