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ICS Introduces Remote Director 3.5

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, N.Y. (May 7, 2007) – Integrated Color Solutions (ICS), the industry leader in virtual proofing technology, is introducing the newest version of its award-winning Remote Director software. Remote Director 3.5 incorporates a number of new features and capabilities, all designed to improve the virtual proofing process, and make it possible for users to meet their clients’ demanding deadlines. "These latest enhancements and features are part of our continued commitment to meet the demands of our global clients and technology partners," said Dan Caldwell, vice president of operations for ICS. "We want to ensure their ability to work with the color accuracy, speed and reliability they require day in and day out. Our new spectral engine will create virtual proofs for label and packaging creative which could never be precisely represented on any hard or soft proofing system before" Remote Director’s new features include: - Spectral blending – Remote Director utilizes spectral color definitions for proofing of papers and spot colors. Whether the color is a solid tint or a blended accent to a CMYK image, spectral blending yields the most accurate color representation. - N-color and Spot Only image support – Remote Director can now accommodate images of any combination of ICC profile and spot color channel, meaning that 6-color Hexachrome images that have an additional die-cut channel can be assigned the appropriate 6-color Hexachrome profile and have the seventh channel defined by a spot color. Other designs that are spot colors only are proofed with the spectral blending engine. - Monitor uniformity mapping – Images proofed in Remote Director can now be color managed for up to 128 regions per monitor, which eliminates imperfections in uniformity that some LCD monitors suffer from and improves color transitions of images stretched across multiple monitors. - Virtual 10-bit – Remote Director turns any 8-bit monitor into a high quality 10-bit monitor, therefore actually increases the monitor’s fidelity and eliminates banding. - Multi-language support – Remote Director 3.5 continues to erase geographical borders and now features a GUI that’s been localized for the following languages: English, German, Dutch, Japanese and Traditional Chinese. - System certification – Remote Director can now run a certification process, evaluating itself on the hardware it’s running on to verify that it is showing accurate color according to SWOP #5, SWOP #3, GRACoL, or even a custom standard defined by the user. "These changes reflect what we’re hearing from our users as well as the adoption of virtual proofing in other parts of the world," added Caldwell. "With the new language capabilities, geographical borders are truly erased and users can collaborate with someone across the world as easily as they can someone down the hall." As with all upgrades, Remote Director users will receive the enhancements automatically when logging in to their software and are not required to purchase anything additional in order to benefit from the latest advancements.