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Atex Partners with Ektron to Provide Next Generation Online Content Management Solution for Media

Press release from the issuing company

Orlando, Florida – April 21, 2007: Atex has taken the next step towards offering new and complementary delivery means for media content by partnering with Ektron, Inc. of Nashua, New Hampshire, to offer its powerful CMS400.NET system for use in the media industry. The CMS400.NET system is currently powering over 20,000 Web sites worldwide, and offers some of the most cutting-edge online content management features available anywhere. “As print readership declines, it becomes increasingly more important for publishers to provide the absolute best online experience for their readers. Atex is proud to offer CMS400.NET to its global customers because this solution truly addresses the expanding online content needs of newspapers and media companies,” says Peter Marsh, Atex Chief Integration Officer. “Rather than simply enabling traditional content delivery, CMS400.NET includes the powerful Web 2.0 features that the media industry must embrace in order to remain competitive, and it offers them in a fully integrated package.” ”Ektron is pleased to partner with Atex in the delivery of content designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of online media,” said William Rogers, CEO, Ektron, Inc. “The changing dynamics of how readers access and interact with news and information today are central to why enhanced and customized content is a key component to increasing the online readership of media outlets,” Rogers added. CMS400.NET currently powers more than 20,000 Web sites, including sites for Boston.com, Entrepeneur.com and The Taunton Press. The system offers tremendous extensibility and includes the ability to: - Categorize your content with taxonomy and take advantage of the built-in navigation support. - Provide fast, accurate and rich search results with Ektron's new enterprise search. - Build a rich online community with easy to deploy and use Wiki authoring, blogs, forums, threaded discussions, and message boards. - Offer enhanced article tools to users, such as comments, content rating, related stories and e-mail this page - Manage video, audio, Flash, image and file assets easily in the CMS400.NET asset library. - Easily run polls for your readers on your site. - Turn your Web site into a high-speed, two-way communication highway for your readers via CMS400.NET's powerful forms engine. - Increase reader loyalty with subscriptions, Web alerts and RSS feeds. - Reach local users and embrace the community by offering a highly customizable Online Calendar. - Build portals with online personalization and provide a customizable Web experience. - Build compliant sites with built-in 508/W3C compliance and broken link checker. - Use Traffic Analytics and Content Rating to better understand what readers are using on a site and identify better ways to meet readers’ needs. - Edit online content in a browser using the industry leading WYSIWYG editor or the Atex Editorial Content Management solution. - Extend content relevance with integrated Geomapping using MS Virtual Earth or Google Maps. The CMS400.NET system is integrated with Atex’s Editorial Content Management systems to allow easy flow of information to the Web site and from the Web site into the print publication system. Editors and content managers are able to make use of multiple publication delivery means, using print, online, e-mail, sms messaging, vidcasts and podcasts to reach their the maximum number of readers. The Atex integration of CMS400.NET utilizes Web services to allow content, which could exist in many formats, text, audio, video, flash or images, to move easily between the two systems, along with its associated metadata. This provides a powerful way to make the most of not only article and image content for the Web, but also to utilize online data, such as blog posts, comments, form data and poll data in the print system. The CMS400.NET is extensible by using plug-ins, which means that system owners will never again be “boxed in” to old technology. Further more, the system can be integrated with many of a site’s existing applications. “Atex’s mission is to embrace open technologies and standards and deliver flexibility through Service-Oriented Architecture,” says Marsh. “The partnership with Ektron is entirely enabled by both companies’ commitment to Web services. We have been able to easily integrate our Editorial Content Management offerings using these services to enable bi-directional sharing of content between our systems and the Ektron system. The smooth integration eliminates the old paradigm of simply ‘tossing content over the wall’ and enables the editorial staff to work together closely, regardless of the particular delivery channel in which the content finally may be consumed.”