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New white paper on procurement methods

Press release from the issuing company

Report differentiates new method from more costly traditional procurement methodology
CHAMBERSBURG, PA – A white paper describing a new and innovative method to procure print and other customized goods and services has been published by e-LYNXX Corporation, the leading print management and procurement licensing firm in North America.  Titled "How Organizations Can Realize Transparency, Control, and Significant Cost Reduction," the white paper examines how e-LYNXX utilizes its patented competitive procurement method in conjunction with 10 best business practices and its robust workflow and communications system.  The result is a measured hard-dollar reduction in the procured cost of print of no less than 25% compared to the historical cost of the same print projects. 
The patented competitive procurement method sets the stage to leverage available production capacity within the buyer's own preferred and qualified suppliers.  The result is measurable cost reduction exceeding 25% when compared to the results obtained from more traditional procurement methods such as negotiation, rate carding, reverse auctions and spot bidding.
"e-LYNXX Corporation drives hard-dollar cost reduction in the procured costs of direct mail, marketing materials, commercial print, forms, labels, CD ROM, customized packaging and other products that include information on a substrate.  It is the change in the procurement environment that brings these otherwise unobtainable results.  This paradigm shift is caused by the combination of the e-LYNXX patented competitive procurement method with 10 best business practices and the e-LYNXX workflow and communication system," said Michael Jackson, chief operating officer of e-LYNXX Corporation and author of the white paper.  "We have quietly processed millions of print projects through our systems, amassing extensive expertise and becoming one of the largest repositories of print procurement information anywhere.  This white paper explains how clients working with e-LYNXX achieve dramatic procured print cost reductions of 25% to 42% while benefiting from process control, procurement transparency, full reporting, and enhanced staff effectiveness and improved efficiencies."
e-LYNXX business success is built around application of its patented competitive procurement method (U.S. Patent No. 6,397,197 and U.S. Patent No. 7,451,106), 10 best business practices, robust workflow and communication system, and services provided by a staff of print and procurement experts.
The white paper includes special sections that address:
? traditional procurement methods compared to the patented competitive procurement method;
? pricing benefits related to suppliers filling open capacity;
? advantages of the buyer having a large supplier pool;
? e-LYNXX staff serving as an extension of internal procurement departments; and
? measurable, hard-dollar procured print cost reductions of 25% to 42% by e-LYNXX clients.
By using the new e-LYNXX process, an organization spending $100 million for printing can reduce its measured expenditures by $25 million to $42 million, while enhancing print quality, service and on-time every-time delivery.  Results examined in the white paper are based on procurement of direct mail, marketing materials, commercial print, forms, labels, CD ROM, customized packaging and other products that include information on a substrate.  The same patented competitive procurement method can be applied to the purchase of machined parts, construction services, temporary staffing, textiles, creative services or anything that requires specifications when custom ordered.
The complementary paper is available on-line at www.e-lynxx.com/whitepaper or it may be requested via e-mail at apmi[email protected] or by calling 888-876-5432.