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HIFLEX has a full line-up of solutions for PRINT '09

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, August 27, 2009 – HIFLEX, the global MIS and Web2Print solutions provider and leader in JDF integration and workflow, will demonstrate their MIS and Web2Print solutions at PRINT '09 in Chicago. From September 11- 16, 2009 HIFLEX will be giving personalized demonstrations at booth #4055.

PRINT '09 is yet another opportunity for HIFLEX to reinforce its unique position as the industry leader in software solutions. HIFLEX's leadership receives continuous recognition including being the first MIS to be JDF certified, the first MIS and Web2Print system to win the prestigious InterTech Award, the recipient of fifteen CIP4 (CIPPI) JDF Integration Awards, and has accepted multiple Must See 'Ems and Encores.

Solutions that will be featured in the HIFLEX exhibit booth include HIFLEX MIS which precisely models and supports all business processes in printing plants and media companies; HIFLEX AutoPilot, an advanced JDF automation tool that helps automate a large portion of a printer's workflow; the HIFLEX Super CSR, a new work type which can perform the tasks of an estimator, CSR, production planner and prepress operator; and HIFLEX Webshop, a completely turn-key Web2Print storefront that allows consumers to order their printed products dynamically online.

HIFLEX solutions help printing companies become more efficient by streamlining their workflow and allowing them to automate and integrate into prepress, press and post press systems.

In addition to their own booth at PRINT '09, HIFLEX solutions will be featured at six other partner companies' booths. Full integration and automation will be exhibited with the following companies: KBA, Muller Martini, Fuji, Kodak, Agfa, Screen, Komori, Standard-Horizon and Metrix.

Recent integration examples include an open house at Muller Martini where HIFLEX helped demonstrate the integration of MIS and post press systems into a fully digital workflow, resulting in staggering make ready time reductions of over 80%. Kodak, Fuji and Agfa recently participated in the IPA JDF Roundup where HIFLEX was chosen as the MIS and JDF provider to all the industry participants for IPA's 'Shoot-Out' testing. Screen also recently announced that it has partnered with HILEX to create a Web2Print portal for their Truepress 344. This highly automated A3 printing solution will produce a new streamlined and effortless ordering process for both printers and customers alike. The demonstration portal provides online estimation for pricing, ordering and content uploading, and shows how easily the Truepress 344 can be integrated into with the HIFLEX Web2Print system.

The following software solutions are being demonstrated during Print 09 at the HIFLEX booth #4055. Increases in automation, integration, efficiency, transparency and profitability are all results of the HIFLEX system and its internal processes.
The HIFLEX MIS precisely models and supports all business processes in both printing plants and media companies. It has a modular structure that allows it to be adapted to the individual requirements and demands of each unique user company. The customization also extends to the user interface, where fields can be added and expanded upon based on the needs of the HIFLEX users. The HIFLEX MIS system is based upon workflow emulation and gives customers access to the program logic.

The HIFLEX MIS system is able to directly integrate into many prepress, press and post press systems. HIFLEX dynamically generates JDF information, transmitting HIFLEX JDF StrippingParams to the prepress workflow system and automatically generating the imposition scheme. JDF information is also sent to all of a printer's cost centers, automating set-up, make-readies, and collecting costing data in returning JMF messages.

HIFLEX AutoPilot is an advanced JDF automation tool within the HIFLEX MIS that helps automate a large portion of a printer's workflow. Essentially, it is a button pressed within the HIFLEX Estimating module that automatically generates a JDF production plan based on the unique parameters of the print company utilizing the system. It can select the most efficient equipment for a job based on the basic specifications of a HIFLEX Super CSR.

The HIFLEX 'Super CSR' is an evolution of the print employee resulting from the use of the MIS system. In combination with AutoPilot and other HIFLEX MIS features a Super CSR can perform the tasks of an estimator, CSR, production planner and prepress operator. These concepts remove entire portions of a traditional printer's workflow and increase productivity and efficiency.

HIFLEX Webshop is a completely turn-key Web2Print storefront that allows consumers to order their printed products online. Webshop is completely customizable and can be branded to the printer's liking. It is unique in its 'Dynamic Ordering Bar', which allows clients to order from thousands of different printer defined product combinations and select them with ease.