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Crawford Technologies Announces the Electronic Envelope

Press release from the issuing company

Toronto and London, 29 July 2008. Crawford Technologies Inc., the award-winning provider of Transpromo and transactional document solutions, today announced the availability of the Electronic Envelope, for the first time allowing Transpromo/transaction producers to not only duplicate in their electronic deliveries the contents of the mailed envelope the end user tears open but also to go beyond the hardcopy with exclusive marketing functionality only available through electronic delivery.
With the Electronic Envelope, all the components found in the hardcopy envelope can be duplicated in the PDF displayed to customers and additional electronic-only benefits added.
The Electronic Envelope provides the ability to replicate the hardcopy experience:
-  Duplicate the logos from pre-printed stock, in either color or black and white (B&W)
-  Duplicate the Terms and Conditions pages from pre-printed stock, in either color or B&W as either a graphic or as searchable text
-  Add the same inserts as were put into the hardcopy envelope utilizing the same inserter control files or barcodes
-  Add additional inserts, if desired, since there are no weight or postage restrictions in a PDF
The Electronic Envelope also provides additional functionality to expand the marketing messages delivered to the recipient:

- Add hot links, URLs, and personalized URLs (PURLs) to selected marketing messages or other text or graphics
- Direct the recipient to individualized offering pages for each recipient
- Modify marketing messages to make them electronically-oriented instead of hardcopy-oriented
- Add navigation aids such as bookmarks to improve customer usability
- Remove hardcopy-oriented objects (such as barcodes) that are distracting or not relevant to an electronic deliverable
The Electronic Envelope Solution Brief  provides more information on what benefits the Electronic Envelope delivers and details a customer case study. The Electronic Envelope Solution Brief can be downloaded from http://www.crawfordtech.com/Electronic_Envelope_SolutionsBrief.pdf
"One of the challenges facing Transpromo/transaction producers is ensuring the same message and branding for both hardcopy and electronic deliverables", says Ernie Crawford, President of CrawfordTech. "By offering Electronic Envelope capability to our customers, CrawfordTech allows them to not only provide a parallel look-and-feel between hardcopy and electronic deliverables, maintaining a consistent branding and message to their customers regardless of which media is chosen for delivery, and to also add new marketing capabilities only available in electronic delivery."
Implementing the Electronic Envelope allows  organizations to utilize CrawfordTech's award-winning PRO Document Enhancer product family to make required changes to the transaction production jobs. The PRO Document Enhancer is a post-composition processor, so no changes are necessary in the document composition stage, whether the customer is dealing with a legacy application or a document composition engine.
"CrawfordTech sees the Electronic Envelope as being especially important now. A downturn in the economy and moves toward greener processes make electronic delivery that much more attractive for delivering both cost reductions and saving trees." said Stephen D. Poe, VP of Product Management for CrawfordTech "Initially, organizations benefit from the Electronic Envelope by delivering parallel marketing content and branding between their hardcopy and electronic deliveries, providing their customers with a consistent experience, whether they tear open a paper envelope or open a PDF file. The additional benefits of the Electronic Envelope come into play when organizations take advantage of the extended functionality to enable much more sophisticated marketing messaging and marketing campaigns through greener electronic delivery."