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TI Group installs new MAN Roland 900 XXL large format press

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(May 25, 2008) "More than anyone else, they understood our business, where we wanted to go, what we want to accomplish, and how this press could fit into and expand our operation," asserts David Smith, one of the principles of Toronto, Canada's TI Group.

In business since 1984, TI Group's client base is predominantly retail "-lots of POP displays and the like," Smith notes.  "But there was a part of this market we didn't service before.  With the 73-inch 906, we have the opportunity now - and we're already doing very well."

"You see," he explains, "we had two 40-inch presses, a 4-color and an 8-color.  We also have a separate company - a digital large format oper-ation which handles much of that work.  But digital only takes us to a point where we were losing to screen printers.

"Now the 900 fits on top of that.  Our run lengths are fairly short with this larger format press.  Fast turnaround with the 900's speed and efficiency along with output quality, lets us be very competitive up there."

Big picture thinking delivers new, large format growth.
"We kept the 8-color 40-inch press; replaced the other 40-inch with the 900," Smith continues.  "In just the first 30 days, we could see it working very well.

"We've been very busy.  For example, we consider a full week to be 40 hours.  Last week with the 900, we ran 53 hours of overtime on top of that.

"And it's new business.  We had the contacts and knew the work was there; but we didn't have the capability before.  Furthermore, from an over-all business standpoint, the 73-inch 900 gives us a combined press capa-bility that pretty well covers the gamut of potential projects in this area, from inserts and literature to multiple POP and display configurations."

Business sense makes press capabilities more meaningful.
Although TI Group found its 40-inch presses to be satisfactory, Smith felt that they couldn't take his operation to the next level.  "We needed large format equipment to go after the business we wanted."

In comparing two viable large format makers, "we felt the 900 serviced our needs better.  And," he adds, "we felt the MAN Roland organization more strongly supported and understood where we wanted to go.

"More than the time- and labour-saving productivity features of the 900 press, was the way MAN Roland people really listened as we explained what was working well for us already, and the potential we saw.

"They clearly understood that this was a new avenue for us; how the 900 could complement the rest of our operation - and expand it with new cli-ents and projects.  The people really made the difference."

Advanced press technologies work best with "the right fit."
"This is how we like to work with all of our customers," says MAN Roland Canada General Manager Paul Tasker.  "Step one is getting to know their business and finding ways in which the equipment we offer can help move them ahead.  Advanced systems and technologies engineered into our presses work best when it's the right fit for each unique operation.

"None of us has all the answers going in," Tasker adds, "but together we can find them."

Smith notes that MAN Roland's printnet system automates numerous 900 operations - more so than competitive large format presses.  From faster makereadies and automated plate loading, to adjusting blanket-impression cylinders for substrate thickness - Smith keeps the ultimate issue clearly in focus:  "It helps us get jobs done faster and better.  And that's what our clients really care about."

When running at 12,000 sheets per hour, the Roland 900's 64-page signa-ture capability translates into an impressive 48,000.  TI Group also added a Bauman pile turner along with the 73-inch large format 900 XXL.

Aqueous or in-line UV coating along with TI Group converting and finishing capabilities meet the special demands of clientele day in and day out.

Open House showcases new TI Group quality throughput capabilities.
"Much of our work comes through agencies," Smith notes, "where creative people look to us to deliver their unique designs, material for new product launches, special promotions and the like.  Often on tight deadlines.

"We had an Open House on May 22nd," he adds, "when many more clients and prospects got a firsthand look at how the large format 900 equips us to deliver more of what they're looking for - better than ever."