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Markzware Ships FlightCheck v6 for Apple Macintosh

Press release from the issuing company

SANTA ANA, Calif.--April 23, 2007-- Markzware, inventor of preflight, and data conversion software leader, announces the major release of FlightCheck v6 for Macintosh that includes QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe InDesign CS3 support. FlightCheck is the patented, pre-eminent quality control program for the print and publishing industries that, since 1995, has contributed significantly to the verification of properly prepared digital content. Markzware's CEO, Patrick Marchese, discussed FlightCheck's contribution to the industry: "Print and publishing technologies are constantly advancing, and businesses need a dependable, quality-control preflight solution that takes advantage of those improvements. For instance, new features within the recent releases of Quark 7 and InDesign v5, part of the Adobe CS3 package provide designers added convenience. However, new features can open the door to more errors. Printers and publishers are pressured to provide faster turn-around and, at the same time control expenses in order to maximize already low margins. FlightCheck 6 delivers on Markzware's promise to provide our customers with top-flight preflighting to compete and prosper in today's fast-paced environment. Professionals that are looking to streamline their digital print output and eliminate costly re-runs should consider FlightCheck as their quality-control solution." FlightCheck 6 has been in Beta since November of 2006 with 30 key Markzware clients and for the last several weeks, the beta program has been opened to thousands of FlightCheck users, worldwide. The testing group included Siquis, one of America's leading marketing firms. Bruce Robinson, Manager of Prepress Operations, commented, "FlightCheck 6 is much improved over FlightCheck 5, especially in the area of detecting missing fonts and this is going to make a lot of people happy. Now, more than ever before, it offers us the robust quality control we need for the high-end output the customers expect. Our state-of-the-art prepress studio processes a wide variety of digital files from sources including, (Adobe) Acrobat, Adobe InDesign and Quark. FlightCheck, being a stand-alone application, allows us to make the most of our productivity, eliminating errors and re-runs." Randy Burke, Art Director of House Magazine, located in Long Island, New York, commented, "We are a small regional company publishing a high-end 200-page magazine, six times a year for affluent and savvy Long Islanders. If our work is not reproduced in a meticulous, first-class style our advertisers are right on the phone to our owner and all hell breaks loose. We have two weeks production time for each issue, and FlightCheck's ability to verify multiple documents in one session allows us to keep this breakneck speed and still maintain the quality we require." Sebastian Nafroth, managing director of 3f8h.net / electronic publishing, in Germany, a service provider for the graphic arts industry, uses FlightCheck primarily for PDF files and commented on the new release: "Standardized PDF preflighting is very important to 3f8h.net and the majority of our media customers. We are responsible for delivering accurate print-ready solutions on time, every time. FlightCheck's new 'auto-switching' feature detects if the file is a PDF or from source files like Quark or InDesign. When we are checking PDF files, FlightCheck will switch to a standard PDF-X check. This is a major interface improvement allowing us to provide PDF compliancy and hassle-free quality output control." Jim Yarrow runs Maccimizer, Incorporated, a Macintosh-centered technical support company based in Santa Ana, CA, and in addition to being a Certified Markzware Trainer has been doing print production for more than 25 years. He says: "FlightCheck has been an indispensable part of my production toolkit ever since I used it the first time. FlightCheck's customizable control panels let me check every job quickly for the 'deal breakers' and get them fixed, and collect the jobs very efficiently. I've seen what some people call 'jobs,' that I'd call 'train wrecks,' because they haven't bothered to check that the job is suitable for production. In my estimation, FlightCheck is a must-have for ANYONE who has to make sure jobs are ready for press or outside vendors." FLIGHTCHECK 6 FEATURES Refined User Interface for PDF Preflighting Includes automatic switching between PDF and non-PDF preflight rules. This helps those companies with mixed workflows achieve unparalleled performance and accuracy with standardized PDF rule sets like PDF-X and The Ghent PDF Workgroup's PDF-X Plus specifications. QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe InDesign CS3 Support FlightCheck is now Universal Binary compatible with Native Apple Macintosh Intel machines and allows users to preflight QuarkXPress v7 and Adobe InDesign v5 from a single and central stand-alone application. Support for Third-Party Font Applications FlightCheck 6 supports popular Font Management Tools, such as Extensis Suitcase Fusion, Insider Software FontAgent Pro, Linotype FontExplorer and Apple Font Book. Pre-configured Collection Folders This new version automatically creates Fonts and Images subfolders whenever collecting jobs for print. Enhanced Font and Image Searching Users have the ability to setup customized font and image paths for prioritizing where these components should be searched for first. ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDE -- When jobs are collected, they now have 'pass' (Markzware Eagle Icon) or 'fail' (X symbol) folder icons. -- X & Y Effective Resolution for Images shown on screen in the Overview Window. -- Printed page number shows for Images taking into account Section Numbers and Front Matter/Rear Matter pages. -- New preference for Print that allows user control over font and icon size for printed reports. PRICING AND AVAILABILITY Both FlightCheck Designer and FlightCheck Professional v6 for Macintosh are being shipped to dealers and partners immediately. Both upgrades are available free of charge for registered FlightCheck 5.8 users who purchased on or after February 1, 2007. The FlightCheck Professional upgrade from v5.x to 6 is $199. The MSRP for Markzware FlightCheck Professional is $499. You can also visit http://www.markzware.com/store. Trainers and consultants providing preflight education to the design and printing industries using Markzware's FlightCheck(r) solutions may be eligible to receive 1 FREE unit with proof of their curriculum.