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Book Binding System from ODM Yields 1000 Books Per Hour

Press release from the issuing company

Elizabeth, NJ, June 26, 2008 - On Demand Machinery - ODM -(www.ODMachinery.com) manufacturers of a complete line of book binding equipment announces a new high-volume book bindery system available in two versions - the Sticker and the Super Smasher- designed for high volume hard cover "Casing In" and "Building-In" applications, respectively. Now available for shipping, this new high-volume system combines 3 Stickers and 1 Super Smasher and yields 1000 books per hour.

The Sticker (Casing-In) and Super Smasher (Building-In) are designed for on-demand, high volume hard cover bookbinding.  ODM machines are simple to operate, self-adjusting and require no make-ready.  Three Stickers and one Super Smasher can produce over 1000 hard cover books per hour.  ODM machines are built in the USA, under one roof and work seamlessly together.

The ODM Sticker (min. size: 4" x 6" x 1/8"; max. size: 11" x 14" x 4") features a new cover guide for thin books.  A large format model with an optional extra paste attachment (for additional adhesive in the joint area) is available for books up to a maximum of 17" x 14" x 4".  Other features include a small roller glue station for rounded and backed books and a three-position blade height control.

Easy to operate, the ODM Super Smasher is an automatic feed, hydraulic "Building-In" machine. Features include a touch screen control panel with dwell time, servo homing, manual indexing, for troubleshooting a machine fault, and a counter. An operator places cased-in books into one smashing station that houses three nipping stations, maximizing production.

Super Smasher's in-line feeder has an electric eye that senses books and automatically cycles the machine.  After the book has been pressed in the smashing station, the book travels through three nipping stations that apply up to 1500 pounds of hydraulic pressure to the joint area of the book.  The standard in-line rear chute delivers finished books.

Download demo movies of the Sticker and Super Smasher on the company website. For a new color brochure contact the company directly (Tel: 908-351-6906). Write, call, fax or visit: www.ODMachinery.com.