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MGE Announces 4 New Partner OEM's for Industry standard i-cut Finishing Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

September 30, 2007, Lake Geneva, WI: Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering announces a major increase in the partner XY plotters that support the industry standard i-cut Vision-based Finishing System. New partnerships have been formed with Kutrite Solutions in North America, featuring the Q-Kut line of Anderson manufactured routers powered by i-cut, CIELLE S.r.l. of Treviso Italy, featuring the Epsilon series of routers powered by i-cut and the Teckwin Shanghai branded OEM version of the i-cut GraphicsRouter. Microsystems, a controller manufacturer for routing, cutting and laser tables has also become a private label integrator of the patented i-cut technology for its OEM's who use its WinCNC controllers in their products. Microsystems' controllers power 8 cutting devices, of which at least three have already shown interest in a vision system. These agreements brings to 15, the number of cutter-router-laser-controller partners standardizing on i-cut controlled finishing that can be selected, according to the varied needs of any customer.
All of the major wide format RIP and Printer companies work with MGE's patented i-cut and i-script workflow allowing any customer to standardize on workflow, while maintaining the opportunity to pick and choose from the best RIP, printer or flat bed cutter partner at any point in time, regardless of the equipment currently in use.
Q-Kut represents a high speed, high accuracy, CNC router exclusively distributed in the Americas by Kutrite Solutions, Inc., Charlotte, NC. The Q-Kut offers a 5 X 10 table equipped with a high speed 40,000 RPM 11 HP liquid cooled spindle, an 8 position carousel tool changer, 10 HP vacuum pump and many other features all fully integrated with i-cut. Kutrite Solutions evolved from its sister company, Omnitech Systems, who distributes the Selexx Line of CNC routers, predominantly sold to the woodworking, plastic and composite material industry in North and South America. Manufactured by Anderson Taiwan, a world leader in CNC technology, both the Q-Kut and the Selexx tables offer the highest standards of industrial engineering and quality control.
CIELLE S.r.l. was founded in 1976, with its head office near Treviso, about 30 Km from Venice. This is a particularly industrialized area, specifically characterized by a high level of technical information flow and a high level of manufacturing. CIELLE production is structured around 5 series of machines including more than 20 different models, from small pantograph to professional machines. This flexibility allows CIELLE to be represented in different market sectors such as Jewelry, signs, moulds, leather and eyewear. CIELLE is integrating i-cut with its new Epsilon Router, a new concept machine with very high flexibility; good for a large range of small engraving and routing jobs it is a robust platform for the precision routing of light metals (brass, aluminum, etc.). Epsilon represents a breakthrough in quality/price performance of a machine with features not available in the other products. Ask CIELLE for more details!
Teckwin's International headquarters is located about 40 minutes west of Shanghai, containing 33,000 square meters and incorporating Sales, Marketing, R&D, Service, and Financial departments along with a modern ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant and Media Production line. Its training and demo center is over 4000 square feet. Employing over 200 professionals worldwide, Teckwin branches are located in the USA and Middle East. Teckwin provides a complete range of both Solvent and UV Curable printers: all awarded CE certification. Teckwin's solvent printers support Roll to Roll printing onto a wide variety of flexible substrates from 1.8 to 5.0 meters in width. Teckwin's UV Curable printers are available in both "Hybrid" and "True Flat" configurations, without the expensive price tag. Being paired with the UV printers, Teckwin is now selling its i-cut powered TeckRouter solutions through its printer distribution channel, allowing the customer to buy a single integrated solution.
WinCNC is a leading manufacturer of pc board based controllers for the CNC world. Located in Buckhannon, WV, the WinCNC Controller sets the standard for PC Based motion control. Incredibly smooth acceleration and arc moves are the result of advanced algorithms. Each move is buffered using proprietary real time vector matching routines. The result is that machines run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, slowing down only when necessary. WinCNC Controllers are running machines with routers, drills, tapping heads, rotating saws and knives, plasma cutters, gas cutters, nailers, grinders, water jets, and lasers to process materials ranging from hardwoods, composites, plastics, metals, glass and stone. All major CAM packages can produce G-Code files ready to run on WinCNC Controller.
MGE is the developer of i-cut. The MGE i-cut-based digital finishing systems are the complete package. Its combination of hardware and software streamlines the digital finishing process from design, through RIP and printed output and cut to shape finishing of salable jobs. With its partners, MGE has not only created the best and most advanced group of hardware solutions available, we also have produced the integral component... the software options that lets all the pieces communicate and work together in harmony. MGE's proven and industry standard i-cut vision registration systems, as well as other i-cut automation products, including automatic sheet feeding, off loading and auto weeding systems are the primary operating driver in connection with flatbed cutting, routing and laser cutting systems at more than 1,500 graphic producers worldwide.