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Chinese printers exhibit preference for Goss M-600 web presses

Press release from the issuing company

April 10th, 2007 – Growing pressure in China for better print quality and faster job turnaround is driving increased demand for the Goss M-600 press in the country. As China’s economy grows, an increasingly sophisticated domestic print market is demanding more full-color productivity from suppliers and higher-quality printed products. Already the world’s best-selling 16-page commercial web press, the Goss M-600 press is extending its reach into China as a preferred solution to address these needs. The Shandong Hongjie Printing Co. Ltd. According to Mr. Liu Jie, owner of The Shandong Hongjie Printing Co. Ltd., investment in the latest technology is now essential to gain a competitive edge. Based in Zibo City, Shandong Province, his company has invested in a Goss M-600 commercial web press to complement an existing fleet of twenty printing presses printing mostly schoolbooks, magazines and advertising. Serving clients primarily in Beijing, Shandong, Hebei and the Jiangsu province, Shandong Hongjie Printing has been in China’s Top 100 printers for the past three years and is determined to maintain its position. “Technology is fundamental to developing our market and staying ahead of the competition,” explains Mr. Liu Jie, “The technology we are investing in is aimed at providing a better and faster response to our customers. With the M-600 press we have chosen the best in its class. Its robust design has the added benefits of high-quality print and speed, and we anticipate a 50 percent increase in overall production efficiency. We are also confident of the level of service we can expect from Goss International locally.” The Jiangsu Xinhuabai Printing Co., Jiangsu Province Mr. Zhao Shoushan, the general manager of The Jiangsu Xinhuabai Printing Co. believes that commercial web offset printing will continue to grow in China. With print quality now equivalent to sheetfed but delivered significantly faster, web offset offers the opportunity to meet today’s demanding standards for China’s domestic work while accommodating diminishing delivery deadlines. “If we don’t move ahead with new technology, we won’t be able to compete. We have to keep extending our capabilities to achieve economy of scale and ensure our continued dominance in the market,” comments Mr. Zhao Shoushan. As a result, the Jiangsu Xinhuabai Printing Co. has now bought a second Goss M-600 press, more than doubling its overall web offset capacity. The new M-600 press is configured to print at up to 61,000 impressions per hour and has been specified with Goss Omnicon press automation for improved efficiency. Goss Lifetime Support was again cited as a key influence behind the choice of press, past experience of local aftersales care being central to the company’s confidence. C&C Joint Printing Charles Lo, CEO, C&C Joint Printing Company, who recently installed a further three Goss M-600 presses to C&C’s existing livery of five M-600 systems is gradually migrating more and more work over to the web offset process. Lo comments, “The quality of print in China’s commercial heatset market is becoming more and more important as a greater number of products for retail advertising are being produced. The M-600 presses for our Shanghai facility enable us to retain consistency across the board and deliver the same high quality standards we have built our reputation on. With its enhanced features we are able to maintain our quality leadership while reinforcing our commitment to the dynamic and changing needs of the market.” C&C Joint Printing Company was also the first company to install gapless Goss Sunday 2000 presses in China for added flexibility and productivity. According to Tim Mercy, Goss International vice president of commercial sales, Asia Pacific, the success of the M-600 press in China is a logical development given the growing emphasis on quality and productivity in the domestic market. “Web printing provides obvious benefits in terms of production speeds and, given the standard of print quality achievable today, it is becoming very competitive with sheetfed printing on shorter run lengths. Innovations now give 16-page web presses an advantage in a wider range of applications, including the applications required to meet the evolving demands of the Chinese market.”