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IST Metz is Awarded Energy-minimized UV printing Certificate

Press release from the issuing company

(June 18, 2008) One of the technical highlights among the new product ideas being presented by IST METZ at Drupa 2008 was the new BLK-5 UV drying system. This energy-efficient UV system makes very sparing use of the energy provided and still achieves an outstandingly high UV curing performance. It was developed specifically for web printing applications where high process speeds are critical when large print runs have to be completed, for example. Its increased efficiency means that instead of the IST equipment previously required for a typical machine (three type BLK-2 UV units at 200 W/cm), two of the new BLK-5 type of unit at 180 W/cm are sufficient to achieve the same curing results. The rated electrical output is consequently reduced so significantly that electricity costs are reduced by up to half.

The German trade association for print and paper processing ["deutsche Berufsgenossenschaft Druck und Papierverarbeitung (BGDP)"] recently subjected the IST UV system to a detailed examination and confirms an increase in efficiency of 40 %. The BLK-5 system was rated especially energy-efficient on these grounds. On 2nd June 2008, the trade association's test certificate relating to energy-minimized UV printing ["energieminimierter UV-Druck"] has been awarded to IST METZ on its stand during the Drupa trade fair. This will make IST Metz the first global manufacturer of UV systems to obtain this certificate.