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Growth in the Chinese Pulp and Paper Chemicals Markets Due to Development of Functional Chemicals

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PALO ALTO, Calif. - December 12, 2007 - The performance and quality of pulp and paper chemicals has wide-ranging effects on the end application. High-end pulp and paper chemicals can provide paper with special characteristics such as wet strength, smoothness, printability, softness, and make it waterproof. While some can help make thinner, whiter, and stronger paper with low-quality fibers, some others can increase manufacturers' profits by optimizing the production process, improving the operation speed, and preventing environmental pollution.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan (www.chemicals&materials.frost.com), Chinese Pulp and Paper Chemicals Markets, reveals that the market earned revenues of $993.7 million in 2006 and estimates this to reach $2,417.0 million in 2013.
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In a highly fragmented market, it is vital for manufacturers to stand out through innovations, diversity, and specialties. Newer printing methods such as colorful digital, office and advertisement printing have compelled chemical suppliers to raise the bar on the quality of products and cater to a wider range of applications.
The use of pulp and paper chemicals has increased continuously over the last few years, mainly due to governmental recognition of the industry and overwhelming environmental concerns.
"One of the effects of environmental consciousness has been the inclusion of drainage and retention aids, strength additives, and other pulp and paper chemicals," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Vivian Chen. "These help reduce the total volume of chemicals required for the paper-making process, by offering improved and more effective products with specific functions, many of which work synergistically with one other."
Market participants also receive a huge boost with paper manufacturers considering waste paper de-inking and pulping a big help in easing the high pressure on the environment. The increasing popularity of recycled fibers has created a significant market for corresponding chemical types such as de-inking and strength agents, bleaching chemicals, and rosin sizes.
To carry forward the market momentum and capture global markets, chemicals producers will have to develop their application techniques and make their equipment compatible with foreign products. This move is especially significant considering several large-sized companies are shifting manufacturing bases to China.
"With the development of the Chinese pulp and paper chemicals markets, regional products can meet the need of the foreign customers," notes Chen. "Presently, 95 percent of pulp and paper chemicals required in the Chinese pulp and paper industry can be produced in China."
Chinese participants need to invest more resources in branding, especially with the market opening up to international competition. They could also enhance their marketing programs through effective distribution networks, as distributors tend to have excellent sales force, local inventory, and wide market coverage - factors that many pulp and paper chemicals suppliers tend to overlook.
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