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Fujitsu announces new scanners

Press release from the issuing company

London, 27 November 2007 - Fujitsu Europe Limited today announced its brand new category of high-performance colour, duplex scanners in the departmental-class: the fi-6140 / fi-6240 series. Both models provide design concepts, which will revolutionize today's desktop capture processes, minimizing overall scanning time and allowing users to process more images without intervention. They are two of the fastest and most compact document scanners in their performance class and combine the latest scanning features and unparalleled image-enhancement software bundles in the market.
High-speed image capture
The new Fujitsu fi-6140 / fi-6240 (includes ADF and flatbed) facilitate a duty cycle of up to 4.000 documents per day. They capture up to 60 pages per minute / 120 images per minute (A4/200 dpi) in monochrome and greyscale, and best-in-class speed of 40 pages per minute / 80 images per minute at 300 dpi full colour, providing uncompromised speed and performance with the advantage of higher image quality for increased OCR accuracy.
The scanners' output resolution ranges from 50 to 600 dpi and 1200 dpi, with a true optical resolution of 600 dpi. Both models integrate the latest innovative scanning features and applications, including an advanced document feeding system for superior paper handling, long document scanning support, improved embossed card scanning capability (such as credit cards, insurance cards and drivers licenses), and continuous feeding of up to three hard plastic cards through their 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF). Both scanners are fitted with selectable Ultra SCSI / USB 2.0 interfaces and offer dual colour high-speed CCD image sensors to consistently capture the finest image details.
Advanced scanning technology
The scanners' automatic ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensors ensure reliable scanning; being particularly beneficial when scanning mixed batches of documents. Users are also put at ease through the scanners' special paper protection feature, with its ability to protect valuable documents, by immediately stopping the scanning process when it recognizes that a jam is about to occur. Both models are the first scanners in their performance class to offer auto-colour recognition, auto-size recognition and auto-de-skew functions, built into the scanner hardware (LSI). This raises digitizing efficiencies dramatically through fast scanning and simultaneous high-speed image processing.
Unparalleled image-enhancement software integration
In addition to offering best-in-class functionality and value, Fujitsu also leads the industry with unparalleled software bundles for its scanners. Both fi-6140 / fi-6240 scanners include a full license of Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Standard, ScandAll Pro, and Kofax VirtualReScan (VRS) 4.1 Professional capturing software for improved image processing and increased productivity.
ScandAll Pro is a fully featured capture client, capable of creating searchable PDF files as well as driving the scanners through their incorporated TWAIN or ISIS drivers alternatively, enabling the advanced image enhancement capabilities of VRS.
VRS 4.1 Professional is automated document image-enhancement software. It enables high accuracy in data captured from scanned documents, significantly reducing the need to manually correct the results of intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR). VRS is also offering a powerful suite of intelligent colour image processing features, including automatic orientation, blank page removal, colour detection, and background saturation.
First in class with optional post imprinter
The fi-6140 is the only scanner in its class featuring an optional post imprinter, capable of printing up to forty freely definable alpha numerical codes on the back of scanned documents in order to simplify the search for the original document at a later date. This feature can be combined with a digital imprint on the scanned image.
"Fujitsu has set a new benchmark with the introduction of these two scanners. Seeing the fi-6140 and fi-6240 document scanners operating in real life environments, one becomes quickly aware of the hard work, knowledge, and expertise has been invested, to develop these truly unique capture devices. We at Fujitsu take special pride in once again introducing the next level of intelligent document capture," declares Klaus Schulz, Manager, Product & Channel Marketing EMEA.
Price and availability
The Fujitsu scanner models fi-6140 and fi-6240 will be available from November-end 2007 for a recommended retail sales price of € 1.495 and € 2.226 respectively. The shown prices do not include VAT.
For more information about Fujitsu Europe Limited or our products, please visit the Internet under: http://emea.fujitsu.com/felg.