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ONYX Graphics Announces ONYX GamaPrint Software for Entry-level Wide Format Printer Environments

Press release from the issuing company

SALT LAKE CITY, April 5, 2007 -- ONYX Graphics today announced the ONYX GamaPrint line of raster image processing (RIP) software. The ONYX GamaPrint line is designed to make large format printing easy while maximizing printer performance for users needing economical workflow solutions for aqueous and solvent inkjet printers. The product line includes two versions: ONYX GamaPrint SE and ONYX GamaPrint Pro, both of which are built upon the award-winning ONYX color technology and reliable production-level RIP engine. ONYX GamaPrint is compatible with PostScript(R) language. "These products expand the ONYX(R) line of RIPs from entry-level sign shops to print providers focused on high productivity," said Walter S. Noot, President and CEO of ONYX Graphics, Inc. "Now with the more easy-to-use ONYX GamaPrint line of products, even those businesses just starting out or those who only occasionally print large format will have the advantage of the ONYX workflow and color excellence." Key Features With a WYSIWYG graphical user interface, ONYX GamaPrint software offers a simple process-and-print workflow. Its manual workflow includes easy color management and a wide variety of convenient image layout, edit and print functions. The workflow toolset also includes sizing, cropping, color correction, contour cutting and nesting. Users can quickly and easily take files from favorite design applications and produce spectacular output on aqueous- or solvent-based printers. ONYX GamaPrint software supports TIFF, JPEG and JPEG 2000 file types and is reliable with PostScript and PDF languages. ONYX GamaPrint software includes a fully-licensed PANTONE(R) spot color matching library, making spot color matching easy and accurate. Other color features include color management presets, separate matching methods for raster and vector images and embedded ICC (International Color Consortium) profile support. ONYX GamaPrint software also provides color-accurate image previews on-screen, which keeps ink and media usage to a minimum. ONYX GamaPrint software can drive popular aqueous inkjet printers from manufacturers such as Epson(R), Canon(R) and HP(R) as well as entry-level solvent inkjet printers from companies such as Roland(R), Mimaki(R) and Mutoh(R). A complete list of supported printers can be found on the ONYX web site at http://www.onyxgfx.com . ONYX GamaPrint SE is designed for low-volume processing and printing to one printer. It offers a manual workflow with basic nesting tools, easy color correction, and PANTONE spot color matching. It supports simple process-and- print, print-and-cut, and cut-only workflows. ONYX GamaPrint SE can be upgraded to ONYX GamaPrint Pro and ONYX(R) ProductionHouse(TM) software packages. ONYX GamaPrint Pro can process and print to two printers simultaneously. In addition to all the features of ONYX GamaPrint SE, ONYX GamaPrint Pro also includes Media Manager for calibrating new media and recalibrating existing media. It includes printer drivers for mid-range solvent inkjet printers. ONYX GamaPrint Pro can be upgraded to ONYX ProductionHouse software. For experienced print professionals driving one or more production printers in high-volume print environments, ONYX PosterShop(R) or ONYX ProductionHouse software is recommended. These fully automated packages support more than 500 popular printer models including small-, large- and grand-format aqueous, solvent and UV inkjet roll-based and flatbed printers and photo laser printers. Version 7 includes features and toolsets that increase productivity and meet the demands of new business opportunities. Availability To purchase ONYX GamaPrint SE or ONYX GamaPrint Pro, contact your local ONYX Reseller. To locate a reseller, visit the ONYX Graphics web site at http://www.onyxgfx.com or call 800-828-0723 (international +1-801-954-5380).