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New Emtex VIP/ VDE Version 8.5 Enhances Output Management Results

Press release from the issuing company

Boca Raton, FL, July 23, 2007 -- Pitney Bowes’ Emtex Software, an industry leading provider of enterprise output management solutions, announces the release of Emtex Virtual Intelligent Presentation (VIP) and Virtual Document Enhance (VDE) Version 8.5 software to help print operations fully maximize their document production infrastructure.  VIP / VDE Version 8.5 now consolidates all previous updates together into one comprehensive release and includes over 170 new enhancements focused on meeting customers’ evolving market requirements.
“Emtex output management products continue to expand to deliver virtually any application to any print device or to digital format. Our transaction customers want to bring color, PDF and other capabilities into their output workflow, while more graphics arts and POD environments are seeking better output management solutions. With this latest version, we are giving our customers the capabilities to pursue these opportunities,” said Ken Renko, Product Marketing Manager, Emtex Software.  “With the release of VIP / VDE Version 8.5, Emtex continues to demonstrate its leadership in continuously strengthening its connectivity, compatibility and workflow solutions.  We will continue to expand our support to drive application and device compatibility, from monochrome, highlight color and full color applications.”
VIP / VDE Version 8.5 offers broader capabilities to address more requirements of graphic arts and digital on-publishing operations. Outline font support is included for AFPDS, PCL, PostScript and PDF applications. This gives users more flexibility in sizing and quality of fonts for a variety of applications.
As graphic arts, print-on-demand and other environments incorporate Web-to-print strategies, VIP / VDE Version 8.5 makes it easier to automate job management and thus save time and effort. Various enhancements relative to backup, recovery and file handling have been made to the software’s Connect Spool module. This module defines and manages job automation via hot folders. When a submitted job is placed in a given hot folder, the job is submitted automatically according to predefined specifications. Users save time, jobs are submitted more accurately; and customers enjoy faster service. Version 8.5 also eliminates manual steps to clear data files of completed printed jobs, simplifying ongoing maintenance.
VIP / VDE Version 8.5 now provides support for color management in VDE using RGB or CMYK definitions, as well as enhanced ICC profile support. VDE and VIP users are now better able to achieve color consistency and meet output expectations on their printing devices. With more capabilities, users are better able to match color output requirements through ICC definitions. In applications where color is already defined, ICC profile support ensures color matching across both print stream and output.
With the release of VIP and VDE Version 8.5, Emtex continues its market leadership in providing the industry’s most comprehensive “vendor neutral” output management solution, offering unsurpassed functionality, performance and return on investments. 
To help our client base bring their software product to the latest VIP and VDE Version 8.5 release, Emtex sales and professional services experts will be in contact with our customers to share in-depth product features and offering business-level guidance.