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Fujifilm's C-fit Earns Prestigious InterTech Award

Press release from the issuing company

VALHALLA, N.Y. (July 19, 2007) - FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. announced today that its C-fit Image Intelligence software has received the 2007 PIA/GATF InterTech Technology Award, one of the industry's more coveted awards.
The increased use of digital images in commercial and publication printing has created many new challenges. Not only must publishers cope with the digital exchange and manipulation of more digital images than ever before, they must do so on strict and unforgiving deadlines.
To help meet those deadlines, Fujifilm developed C-fit, an image and color optimization tool, that automatically enhances both the quality and the color of digital images, making them more manageable and much easier to print, reducing the need for manual image editing while also controlling and standardizing color images.
C-fit was selected by an anonymous panel of independent judges from more than 30 nominations and will be demonstrated live during Graph Expo 2007.
"C-fit allows images from various sources to be automatically analyzed and optimized through the use of customized drop folders in just a few seconds per image, greatly increasing the productivity and consistency of the imaging workflow," explains Jason Kammes, Fujifilm's product marketing manager for color and proofing products.
Fujifilm's C-fit is now commercially available, after being demonstrated at several industry trade shows and conferences and recently completing a very successful beta testing period.
Fujifilm C-fit actually consists of three distinct modules that can be purchased and used in conjunction or separately - Image Enhancement, Image Conversion and Document Conversion - allowing automated, intelligent functionality Each module takes advantage of Fujifilm's patented Image Intelligence technologies, long an integral part of the Fujifilm Frontier photo mini-lab systems and the result of more than 70 years of innovative research and development efforts.
The C-fit Image Enhancement module automates the process of improving RGB images. Enhancement tools such as face detection and skin smoothing, light source recognition, exposure correction, white balance adjustment, sharpness enhancement and adjustment and recognition of memory colors work to reproduce images as they were intended.
Once the image optimization process is complete (only a matter of seconds), C-fit then creates an optimized RGB digital master which can then be archived instead.
C-fit's Image Conversion module provides a more intelligent method for RGB to CMYK conversion (among other color conversions). Fujifilm developed unique Color Appearance Mapping technology, also known as "color fitting," to achieve the best possible color conversions. Rather than convert from input gamut to target gamut as in a typical ICC color conversion, C-fit maps the color gamut of the RGB image to the maximum gamut potential of the profiled target device (i.e., SWOP CMYK or SNAP CMYK).
C-fit is able to convert images to the target space while preserving the intent of the original RGB image. The same images can be converted for any target output and CMYK images can even be repurposed for different press conditions (i.e., ink limiting, different standards, etc.).
"By using Fujifilm's color fitting technology, printing processes that have limited color gamuts and that are restricted by lower ink densities and lack of paper brightness will be able to reproduce images that more closely match the intent of the original RGB image, improving the visual quality of the reproduction," added Kammes.
The Document Conversion module of C-fit, which will be released later this year, processes fully composed PDF documents. Each image and graphic within the PDF is evaluated by the software, providing intelligent color space conversion of every element on the page.
For more information on Fujifilm's C-fit software and Image Intelligence technologies and to receive a fully functional free C-fit demo CD and trial license, please visit www.FujifilmCfit.com.