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Reindl Bindery Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Press release from the issuing company

March 4 2008 - Even though Reindl Bindery was officially incorporated in February of 1978 there were roots that had been in place long before. Charles Reindl, Vice-President, had worked for 43 years for a company known as Boehm Bindery. During this period of time, "Charlie" had reached the position of Plant Superintendent. Dale Reindl worked for this same company while attending high school and then college during weekends, holidays and summer vacations. In 1977, the entire country was in a depression and it affected the printing industry as well as other manufacturing industries greatly causing many companies to either scale back operations or go out of business entirely. In this case, Boehm Bindery's owners decided to scale back its work force and they put Charlie on a permanent lay off situation. Charlie was not ready to retire so it was suggested that he and Dale start their own bindery. They started out doing small binding jobs and did book repair for bibles and text books. With this, Reindl Bindery was born.

In February of 1978, the official corporation papers were filed and the company began. It was a meager start on the second floor of the building that was owned and occupied by Dillon Bindery. Charlie was a friend of Roy Schroeckenthaller, owner of Dillon Bindery. It was during the next year that some of the customers that Charlie had dealt with through Boehm Bindery came to Charlie and said that they might be able to send some work if they had certain pieces of equipment. With this in mind a few smaller pieces of used equipment to manufacture different types of books were purchased. At that same time, Dale was teaching school. Charlie would make contact during the day and Dale would work a second shift to manufacture the needed products. During the next year Charlie suffered from a heart attack and Dale took a leave of absence from teaching to run the company full time. Dale eventually resigned from his teaching job. In 1980, Reindl Bindery purchased the assets of Boehm Bindery, Charlie's former place of work, and moved to a new location on North 3rd Street. Reindl Bindery was then able to produce case bound books as well as doing other operations making for a more versatile and complete trade bindery. Sadly, Charlie passed away in 1984 but the company continued to grow. In 1988, a 60,000 sq ft building in Elm Grove, WI was purchased making for a second move. New developments within the industry allowed Reindl Bindery to be even more aggressive. After several machinery purchases, Reindl Bindery found itself competing nation wide and developing more new niche markets. In 1998 there was a third move to a 200,000 sq ft building forced by the continued growth of its bindery offerings and customer base.

Looking to the future, Reindl Bindery has sold the current building they are in and will be looking to move again. As of January 1, 2007 the torch had been passed to Dale's sons. David and Steven Reindl are now the new President and Vice-President respectively. Dale remains with the company as the Chairman of the Board. Reindl Bindery is continuing in its ways of developing new niche markets as well as continuing to serve the industry in the conventional binding needs.

Says David Reindl of this milestone, "30 years is business...what an accomplishment.  Things have really changed over the years.  Many new faces, better equipment, different kinds of binding all are obvious when you compare February 1978 to February 2008.  One thing that hasn't changed is our motto, "First in Quality, Bound to Last."  Those six words are the cornerstone of our business.  From the day we opened our doors we have been committed to giving our customers the best possible product.  We know that our customers trust us to provide them with the highest quality and best delivery.  We strive every day to do just that. All of us at Reindl Bindery look forward to the challenges we will face in 2008".