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Muller Martini and Nipson host open house

Press release from the issuing company

Hauppauge, New York – With guests in attendance representing a wide range of print production operations large and small, the latest OnDemand technology was front and center on March 7th, 2007 as Muller Martini and Nipson America hosted an open house at Muller’s Long Island headquarters. The event, which included live demonstrations as well as informative presentations from OnDemand experts, featured the theme “A New Day Dawns for Book Production” – showcasing the speed, flexibility, productivity and commercial quality of the newest generations of digital book manufacturing equipment. A complete digital book printing and binding workflow was shown in action during the event, consisting of a Nipson VaryPress™ 400 duplex digital printing system along with components of the Muller Martini SigmaLine OnDemand solution. The workflow included two Nipson VaryPress 400 digital printers with EMT unwinder, StarCut sheeter/stacker from FME, a Shuttleworth Star RollerTM conveyor, and a SigmaBinder perfect binder, SigmaTower cooling tower and Esprit three-knife trimmer. “Nipson digital technology meets many different OnDemand needs...our customers are using our digital systems for variable data printing in a diverse array of book production applications, several of which were on display for the industry to see at the open house,” said Heberto Pachon, President of Nipson America. “Our digital printers include Nipson’s proprietary magnetographic imaging and flash fusing processing and they offer very high speed, plus seamless integration with other equipment, and the ability to print on a broad range of substrates.” At the open house, Nipson ran an extensive variety of stocks in different weights, giving visitors a look at many possibilities for digital book production. Attendees to the open house were also impressed by how Muller Martini SigmaLine OnDemand technology can give them the capabilities to digitally manufacture top quality books in cost-effective and versatile ways that best address their unique operations. “Whether it’s the perfect binder and its varied functionality, or any of the scaleable and modular SigmaLine components, you get highly flexible solutions that are make-ready-free for the digital environment yet able to produce a book that has the commercial quality of systems which take more than an hour to make-ready,” said Andy Fetherman, Manager, Muller Martini OnDemand Solutions Division. As part of the live demonstrations during the open house, visitors saw a clear example of how flexible SigmaLine OnDemand technology is. Perfect-bound books were produced during the event in a comprehensive in-line configuration, and, also near-line with book blocks fed by hand. “SigmaLine technology is very powerful and incredibly agile, giving you in-line efficiencies when the complete line is running...and near-line capability all the time,” continued Mr. Fetherman. SigmaBinder workflow flexibility comes from its built in measuring station that utilizes laser technology to acquire the dimensions of the in-coming book block. The electronic book size data is used to adjust the length, width and thickness settings of the binder. The result – the machine literally make-readies itself, allowing it to produce perfect-bound books at up to 1,000 fully variable-sized copies per hour. To obtain a DVD highlighting the many advantages of Nipson digital printers and Muller Martini SigmaLine OnDemand technologies which were demonstrated at the open house, please call 1-888-2-Muller ext 142.