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Enfocus Adds High Performance PDF Application, Neo, to Product Line

Press release from the issuing company

Ghent, Belgium, March 30, 2007 -- Enfocus will now sell Neo, the fastest and most powerful stand-alone, native PDF editing application engineered specifically for graphic arts. Neo’s advanced functions, including pixel-level viewing and editing, final editing on impositions, and easy work on PDF 1.6 separations, far surpass what is possible in an Acrobat environment. Neo also retains and utilizes all Certified PDF file information, thereby guaranteeing that all changes are traceable and conform to printer specifications. Enfocus is the world leader in PDF quality management solutions for the graphic arts industry. Neo is available in versions with, and without, trapping. The trapping editability is another function unavailable in the Acrobat environment. A full version of Neo 1.1 can be downloaded free for one month’s trial from www.enfocus.com. Its ease of use makes the software simple to use without training. Neo is available starting at $4,500 USD. David Krawczuk, who serves as a Prepress Manager at Sandy Alexander, one of the world’s most renowned high quality printers, says that Neo is essential to the mix at a place like Sandy, “where we never say no to clients that are, as a rule, easily among the most demanding in the world.” Says Krawczuk, “Neo is simple, straightforward, and blindingly fast. You just click and boom; it’s there, allowing you to make edits as fast as you can think of them.” Enfocus has brought a very high-end product to the desktop with virtually no feature compromises. Neo has its origins as an Artwork Systems solution developed for the world’s preeminent, commercial quality graphic arts organizations. As PDF has become the preferred format for document exchange, Neo answers the need to correct mistakes found close to, or at, deadline; when native files are not available. Extremely interactive, productive and easy to use, Neo is a perfect add-on for commercial printers, prepress/trade shops or publishers who are faced with corrections that have to be swiftly carried out at the last minute. “PDF is putty in the hands of Neo,” says Filip Carrein, Worldwide Product Manager, Commercial Color & Publishing, who in product demonstrations shows split-second editing and page handling of complex PDFs, even over remote connections using standard laptops. Carrein shows how PDFs are rapidly manipulated to the operator’s liking, with real-time zooms to the highest levels of detail. “Neo is faster than we are,” he says, citing examples such as its abilities to recognize text on the fly, and to support trapping checks at the pixel level. “Any user dealing with PDF will see Neo as a formidable asset in drastically reducing the approval and correction cycles that are unavoidable in today’s demanding prepress environments.” In addition, Neo’s interface is completely familiar to any who have worked in an Acrobat environment. Typical functionality includes accurate viewing and measuring, separation handling, advanced text and paragraph editing, object transformations, image editing and re-linking, clip path handling, transparency handling, page box handling and an optional interactive trapping module.