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Advanced sheetfed blanket from MAN Roland delivers quality, consistency and durability

Press release from the issuing company

July 2, 2007 -- MAN Roland introduces the new S 106M sheetfed blanket, now available from the pressmaker’s printcom supply line. The blanket is purpose-built to match the specifications and performance parameters of the company’s presses, making it the optimum choice for printers who rely on MAN Roland equipment.  
The new printing component is the first to be offered under the printcom banner in North America. A more efficient way to say "print competence,” printcom provides MAN Roland customers with process-compliant system components. Each printcom product is evaluated and tested to precisely match the performance characteristics of the printing system in which it will function. That results in a host of benefits, including reduced production costs, increased system durability and reliability, and exceptional print quality.
Quality Coverage
The S 106M blanket is constructed with a special compressible layer. That facilitates high-speed press operation shift-after-shift without the appearance of shock marks. Superior compressibility also yields greater durability, promoting print quality that lasts over the long run.
Another plus: The S 106M features a micro-buffed printing face, creating a surface that sharpens the clarity of every dot applied to the sheet. That can enhance a printer’s high-end, high-quality reputation. The micro-buffed surface also delivers advanced sheet release characteristics, to further smooth a facility’s workflow.
The S 106M has one of the lowest gauge loss ratings of any sheetfed blanket on the market. That means it stays in shape better, regardless of the severity of the work it is assigned. The advantage is more print consistency over the long term, so printers can guarantee the quality of every sheet for their high profile customers.
Superior Specs, Easy Availability
Performance specifications for the S 106M (see chart below) document its superior characteristics in the categories that matter to high-end commercial printers. What’s more, MAN Roland makes it easy to purchase the printcom S 106M blanket for evaluation. MAN Roland customers can visit manrolanddirect.com to connect with everything they need to keep their presses running at peak efficiency.