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QuadTech Score a Century with Manugraph in India

Press release from the issuing company

June 29, 2007 -- QuadTech and Manugraph have continued to secure their established business relationship by collaborating on a celebration to mark the 100th installation of a QuadTech press control on a Manugraph press in India. QuadTech representatives travelled to the country to award the founding member of Manugraph: Mr Sanat Shah, with a trophy of recognition, to commemorate the milestone.
The visit in February 2007 by QuadTech president Karl Fritchen coincided with a tour of the Manugraph head office in Mumbai and manufacturing facilities based in Kolhapur. Afterwards Karl presented a trophy, which resembled a cricket batsman with a plaque to mark the 100th installation. Mr Shah and his two sons, Sanjay Shah, vice chairman for Manugraph sales in India and Pradeep Shah, managing director with responsibility for technology and sales outside of the country, accepted the award on the company’s behalf.
Karl commented, “The relationship between our two companies is a very important one, forged over many years it has seen substantial changes in the industry. India’s printing market is currently going through an exciting period of vitality and Manugraph continues to go from strength to strength due to the proficiency of its products and its strategic partnerships.”
Pradeep Shah added, “We are extremely happy with the QuadTech products and so are our customers. We have invested in its equipment and they are paying dividends in terms of reliability, productivity and waste reduction. QuadTech India is a valuable asset to the Indian printing market.”
The upsurge in India’s newspaper market is due in part to the government’s change of policy in 2002 and to a growth in advertising business. Relaxed foreign media ownership laws in newspapers in particular have led to more investment from overseas. This boom corresponds with more supplements, travel and lifestyle magazines being produced to meet the demands of a more prosperous and inquisitive society.
The 100th installation, of a QuadTech Register Guidance System went to the Bennett Colman and Co. Ltd, who are publishers of The Times Of India, the largest newspaper in the country with a daily circulation of around 2.8 million. All installations on the 100 presses control almost 300 webs. With the latest installation, a milestone of 140 systems on approximately 450 towers on Manugraph presses has already been passed. By December 2007 that figure is likely to rise to 180 systems on approximately 600 towers.
QuadTech and The Times Of India’s alliance dates back to the 1970’s when the latter first installed the Autotron 100 system in its gravure division. Together they are currently leading lights in the revolution as the market competition intensifies with new plants being built all over India. The emphasis now is for existing publishing houses to progress in terms of producing a better quality of printed material, through quicker and more cost-effective methods and reducing by-product waste. High-end color is crucial to Indian newspapers and magazines, something that was unheard of as little as six years ago, when publications were still printed in black and white.
Manugraph was established in 1972 and is now the largest manufacturer of web offset and sheetfed presses in India. It has recently diversified into the international market by purchasing Dauphin Graphics, USA. This is the first ever overseas purchase for an Indian printing company. The modern plant in Kolhapur currently employs 1,200 people with a further 350 engineers on the 32 acre site.