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Presstek Broadens Worldwide Presence with DI Presses

Press release from the issuing company

HUDSON, N.H., June 20 -- Presstek, Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions, announced continued strong growth of its Direct Imaging (DI) digital offset product line, with recent sales and strong interest in new markets around the world. The company's increased global presence reflects continued demand for its high quality, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective digital offset printing solutions.

"To date, Presstek's record sales growth has been primarily based on strong performance in North America and parts of Europe," said Jeff Jacobson, Presstek's President and CEO. "To meet our growth initiatives, we will continue to expand our efforts throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America, which are regions that provide an excellent opportunity for digital offset printing solutions. At the same time, we will continue to expand our presence in North America."

Presstek recently sold DI press solutions in Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and Russia, with strong activity in other international markets. With more than 3,000 DI systems currently installed worldwide, Presstek continues to offer a competitive advantage in the fast- growing, short-run market -- from 250 to 10,000 impressions.

"The DI presses' ease of use, superior quality, low cost per page and fast turnaround times have contributed to their rapid adoption by commercial and in-plant printers around the globe," said Todd Chambers, Presstek's chief marketing officer. "We are excited to bring our customers in these new markets the same increased capability, profitability and competitiveness that all DI users are accustomed to."

These recent sales follow Presstek's record-breaking 2006 results -- a 25 percent year-over-year increase in DI press shipments and a 72 percent increase in DI equipment revenue over 2005. In addition, Presstek 52DI sales almost doubled in the first quarter of 2007 compared to the previous quarter.

Industry Recognition

Presstek's DI presses have received numerous honors worldwide, including "Product of the Year" from the British Association of Print and Communication (BAPC), "Golden Product" at PRINTING+packing 2006 in Slovakia and "Best Printing Quality" at the Digital Marzan 2006 trade show in Russia. The European Digital Press Association has also honored Presstek's 52DI performance and quality with an EDP Award.

Customer Success

"The productivity of the DI is so much greater than what we had before," said Dave Brown, owner of Contact Printing in Vancouver, Canada, who installed a Presstek 52DI in mid-March. "We can fit more work in the same amount of time, with the same operator -- so we don't incur additional labor costs and are more efficient. With the DI's excellent quality, we expect to build new business and gain more business from our existing customers."

Tipolito Teco, a print shop in Brescia, Italy, already has benefited from its new 52DI, which was installed in January. For owner Guido Lovato, the press' advanced technology and compact size were selling points. "We are receiving very positive feedback from our customers," Lovato said. "They have definitely noticed the increase in quality."

Harry Korber, co-manager of Altstadt-Druck GmbH, based in Rostock, Germany, cites similar reasons for purchasing a DI. "The Presstek 34DI offers a powerful combination of faster turnaround times, higher quality color and increased efficiency, and its compact size was the perfect match for our limited space requirements in our prime downtown location," Korber said.

Petr Hendrych at MHA Outsourcing, one of the largest outsourcing services for business products and services in the Czech Republic, which owns a Presstek 34DI press said, "The purchase of the 34DI press enabled us to truly establish our own offset printing facility -- we are no longer totally dependent on outsourcing -- and it has also increased our finishing business."

Hugh Schlenker, owner of Prime Printing in Alberta, Canada is also reaping the benefits of his new Presstek 34DI, which was installed in March. According to Schlenker, his print shop used to job out a significant amount of high-quality work. With the DI's high-quality printing, consistency and fast make-ready times, he says he can now keep these jobs in house. "The DI is going to keep us competitive for a very long time," Schlenker said. "It's quick, it's fast and the quality is there -- that's the future of printing. We should have bought this a long time ago."

Summary of Presstek DI Benefits
The 52 and 34 DIs offer the following advantages in the on demand market:
-- Profitability
   * Average 50 percent cost savings per letter-sized page vs. toner-based
     digital presses
   * 250 to 10,000 impression "sweet spot" range
   * Increased competitiveness in the short-run market
-- Productivity
   * Up to 14,000 to 20,000 letter-sized pages per hour
   * Highly automated operation in a digital workflow
   * Color consistency: sheet-to-sheet, job-to-job, day-to-day
   * Same day turnaround capability
-- Expanded capabilities and enhanced business performance
   * Superior quality up to 300 lpi and FM screening
   * Prints crisp details, smooth gradients, true to life skin tones and
     strong solids without any extra time or cost premium
   * Prints on a wide range of substrates: from plastic to heavy card
     stock to onion skin (0.06 mm to 0.5 mm)
   * Environmentally friendly

Product Specifications
Presstek's family of DI presses includes:
-- Presstek 52DI - This landscape digital offset press operates at up to
   10,000 impressions per hour with a maximum page size of 20.47 x 14.76".
-- Presstek 34 DI - This portrait format digital offset press produces up
   to 7,000 13.39 x 18.11" sheets per hour.

Presstek Digital Offset, See It Live

In addition to exhibiting at most of the industry's leading trade shows, Presstek hosts open-house demonstrations, with more than 25 open houses scheduled for 2007. The next events are planned for Chicago and St. Louis. For more information and a complete schedule, visit http://www.presstek.com/events or call 1-800-524-0003 x.3599 (1-603-594-8585, x.3599, from outside the United States).