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GMG ColorProof receives IDEAlliance SWOP and GRACoL certification on the new HP Z2100 inkjet printer and Epson 800 series printers

Press release from the issuing company

Hingham, MA, USA (March 26, 2007) - GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces that it has been granted IDEAlliance SWOP(r) (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) and GRACoL(r) (General Requirements and Applications for Commercial Offset Lithography) certifications for its ColorProof digital proofing solution driving the new HP Z2100 inkjet printer with an internal spectrophotometer-and Epson series 800 (4800, 7800 and 9800) printers-for all 3 paper types: SWOP # 5 publication, SWOP #3 high end publication, and GRAcOL #1 commercial. GMG is the first company to receive certification on the HP Z2100 printer and was the first company to receive certification for all three possible characterization data sets. GMG was the second company to receive certification based on the new SWOP data set requirements. Until a review this year, all SWOP tests were based upon one paper type and were visually evaluated. There were very large tolerances, and almost all applications were approved. These and other factors demanded that SWOP re-evaluate and update the certification program. As part of IDEAlliance's commitment to support the update of SWOP specifications, the Print Properties Committee initiated a series of research and development efforts to provide a scientific basis for modernizing SWOP and GRACoL. SWOP's adoption of the G7(tm) methodology strengthened the association's ability to determine the closeness of a visual match numerically. Following the G7 methods using spectrophotometry and CTP, the outcome was a new visual-appearance-based SWOP specification designed to enable printers quickly and accurately to replicate the visual appearance of imagery from proof to press. Proofing systems must now conform to these new specifications. Although GMG ColorProof SWOP certification for Epson printers was still valid, the company wanted to assure its customers that the proofing solution was certified to the most recent specifications. Along with renewing its SWOP certification utilizing Epson series 800 printers to SWOP, certification of GMG ColorProof along with the HP Z2100 is a noteworthy accomplishment. The HP Z2100 is the first inkjet printer to feature an integrated measuring instrument. Together with GMG ColorProof, the first proofing software to support the new printer-and now SWOP certified-the GMG ColorProof/HP Z2100 offers the user significant advantages. Automatic GMG ColorProof calibration, monitoring and recalibration of the HP Z2100 ensures that every proof leaving the printer meets new, more demanding, SWOP 2007 specifications. This proof can be repeated at any time, even on a different HP Z2100 at any other location - prerequisites for increasingly important remote proofing scenarios. "IDEAlliance SWOP, along with GRACoL, continues to be one of the industry's forerunners overseeing industry specifications, helping those in the graphic arts supply chain to achieve consistency and maintain quality. Many printers rely on SWOP-certified proofing devices," says Robert Weihing, GMG's CEO. "We continue our ongoing support of Epson printers, ensuring that our customers guaranteed of meeting SWOP specifications. And now, proofing to SWOP is extremely simple with GMG ColorProof and the HP Z2100-with its built-in spectrophotometer, even by users with little color management knowledge. With IDEAlliance SWOP and GRACoL certification, this system delivers a very attractive option for printers searching for easy-to-use remote proofing solutions."