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TECHKON Scanheld Technology

Press release from the issuing company

READING, Mass.-January 23, 2008-TECHKON today announced the rollout of proprietary "Scanheld TM " technology, serving as the underlying driver of TECHKON's new SpectroDrive color measurement solution.

With its ability to scan color bars or to be used as a handheld, TECHKON's "Scanheld" technology not only sets the standard for adaptability and ergonomics, but holds the industry title for speed as well, requiring only 8 seconds to scan the 40" color bar of a typical press sheet. Moreover, this technology allows scans to be performed wherever the color bars are - in the middle of the page, or at the edge - and nothing is required to hold the paper flat during the process.

As with all TECHKON products, the objective is to provide printers with faster, easier and more accurate measurement tools capable of boosting productivity and maximizing on-press time. To that end, SpectroDrive can be used with any press type or format and features spectral measurement technology which allows the system to display both densitometric and colorimetric data.

"Our 'Scanheld' technology," comments George Adam, TECHKON USA President, "represents the next phase in the evolution of color measurement products, positioning us at the very forefront of the printing industry' s innovation index."

The SpectroDrive system is comprised of two components: a motorized measurement system that scans a printed sheet' s complete color bar, and the ExPresso software which transmits the full spectrum of measurement data via wirelessconnection to a touch screen PC display where it provides the information necessary for press control.

ExPresso software provides measurement of CMYK and spot colors, support of 16 print units, face and reverse printing, display of color density, dot gain, gray balance, L*a*b* values, and G7 compatibility. Data can also be exported from ExPresso to other software applications in order to "close-the-loop" to the press and complete the real-time color measurement path.