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Prisco Introduces Second Generation FloClear G2 Fountain Solution Recycling System

Press release from the issuing company

Newark, NJ, August 2007 - Prisco (Printers' Service) is proud to introduce the second generation of the world's most effective fountain solution filtration and recycling system, the new FloClear G2. Fountain solution treatment is a critical component of the GO GREEN WITH PRISCO initiative.
FloClear circulates contaminated fountain solution through its multi-stage processing system returning it in fresh condition to a central chilling unit.  The system eliminates fountain solution contamination from paper, ink and solvents.  This results in greatly reduced chemical waste, less total fountain solution used with improved press control and printing quality.  Chiller maintenance is greatly reduced, resulting in high press productivity.
New innovations to the original FloClear include:
- System Monitoring - The controller monitors run-time, filter back-pressure and pump pressure
- Pump Protection - The G2 Controller constantly watches for low pressure and will shut down if there is a fault.
- Splitter Control – A FloClear G2 system may be retrofitted to serve two central chiller units by use a splitter system.  The G2 Controller will control the function of the splitter valves.
- Integrated Duty Cycle Timer – Larger capacity FloClear models D-03 and D-07 used for web operation use a duty cycle timer to extend filter life.
Purchasing FloClear through one of the ten local Prisco sales offices offers the significant advantages of Prisco expertise in optimizing press and fountain solution performance plus one-stop installation and support.
Learn more about the second generation FloClear G2 at the Prisco Graph Expo Booth #4203.
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