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RealVue 3D launched by FFEI

Press release from the issuing company

Hemel Hempstead (22 August 2007) - FFEI launches RealVue 3D, the world’s first 3D visual simulation software for print media, created to streamline the communication and approval process involving printers and their clients. With simple operation, RealVue 3D gives printers, creatives and marketers an innovative way to design, present and approve jobs via a unique 3D document viewer. The product’s first official unveiling will take place at Graph Expo 2007, Chicago, USA.
The output of the system is a platform independent java file that allows any computer user to display the print document, turn the pages, rotate the viewing angle and zoom into detail. In addition, the system enables viewing conditions and print characteristics to be changed, such as stock weight, finish and texture. Accurate simulation of these print features allows their impact to be evaluated before any expenditure on print production.
Andy Cook, Managing Director of FFEI comments, "Page turning software is already available, but offers only basic functionality allowing a document to be browsed. With our expertise in CTP and imposition, we have taken this functionality to a new level so that design agencies, printers and their clients can almost feel the finished product before they commit to print."
RealVue 3D is designed to be a modular plug-in for Adobe Acrobat with two product versions. RealVue 3D Standard, available at $295, offers normal viewing functionality with several adjustable settings and can be easily upgraded to RealVue 3D Professional. Professional offers a host of advanced features such as local and global varnish, binding, paper thickness, template and branding options. Other features such as embossing, custom fold designer, die cuts and foil stamping are planned for release early next year as an upgrade to Professional. RealVue 3D can also be customised by FFEI for businesses and partners with specific print or viewing needs.
A RealVue 3D file can be made in seconds from a document’s PDF, which can be structured in print-ready pages or designer spreads. "Imagine the impact of presenting a new brochure or catalogue design, with no extra work, where the client can see an accurate representation of the finished job," says Cook. "Or the sales advantage given to a printer if he can send a visualisation back to his customer within minutes of receiving the final files. In a printing environment where ‘added value’ is the current buzz word, RealVue 3D provides an instant competitive edge."
In addition to comprehensive print-feature simulation, RealVue 3D also allows multiple 3D files to be viewed together. This capability allows the demonstration of a full campaign using a range of different printed items (Brochure, DM, Ad etc.), or simply the ability to visualise more than one solution of any given design.
David Brosse, Head of Marketing Communications, Ceridian "Initially, we started using RealVue 3D for the readability of the visual simulation; being able to turn pages and rotate the viewing angle made reviewing our lengthy PDF manuals and HR documents a much easier and more attractive job. However, we soon realised another benefit was the use of RealVue 3D to present and discuss print design variations in-house. Where we used to physically mock-up different versions, we now save time and money by simply loading the versions into RealVue and viewing them side-by-side."
Learn more about RealVue 3D at www.realvue3d.com, which goes live in early September. There you will be able to download trial software and buy online.