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DDB, The Wall Street Journal Complete Electronic Ad Submission

Press release from the issuing company

ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. (MARCH 21, 2007) For newspaper and magazine publishers, the newsroom isn't the only area with unforgiving deadlines. Advertising deadlines are just as stringent and there's no copy editor to make sure the files are correct. That's why more and more ad agencies are turning to CertiFyle to deliver their ads digitally, ensuring they arrive on time and print properly. Recently, DDB New York and The Wall Street Journal established themselves as technological leaders in the industry, completing a successful ad submission using a completely digital workflow. Working with its client, United Technologies, DDB used CertiFyle, a digital advertising validation and delivery service that also offers full virtual proofing capabilities, licensed from Integrated Color Solutions. The full-page ad was proofed using a calibrated monitor and built-in color profiling to ensure accuracy. CertiFyle ensures that each file is complete and accurate, meaning all of the necessary fonts and color profile information is included. The file is then transferred as a PDF in a matter of minutes, and parties on both sides can trust the reliability and printability of that ad thanks to the CertiFyle certification. "Submitting ads digitally and proofing them virtually gives agencies two key advantages: cost savings and time," explains Larry Greybill, president and CEO of Impact Workflow Solutions, Inc., makers of CertiFyle. "With virtual proofing, agencies' costs are greatly reduced over traditional proofing and they also realize incredible time savings, which is key for the deadlines of newspaper and magazine advertising." Phil Mendelson, advertising services manager at The Wall Street Journal agrees. "Virtual proofing speeds the entire process," adds Mendelson, who worked with DDB and Michael Guzman, DDB's director of printing, on the recent ad. "It's the way everyone should be proofing. It's easier, it's faster and it's based on SNAP standards." While many organizations are submitting ads digitally, DDB is one of the first to use virtual proofing. "Michael is a visionary and is someone who is able to anticipate the future. He's clearly a leader in his industry," says Mendelson. "Our doing this with DDB will hopefully open the door and make both agencies and publishers more comfortable with this technology."