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Kluge installed the 100th UniFold Automatic Folder/Gluer at Jones Printing Services

Press release from the issuing company

Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. has manufactured and installed the 100th UniFold Automatic Folder/Gluer at Jones Printing Services, Chesapeake, VA. Introduced in 1999, the Kluge UniFold quickly found its place in the converting and finishing market. Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. entered the folding and gluing equipment market when it purchased Haskins Manufacturing in 1995. "The Kluge trade name is synonymous with quality and post-sale support," commented Hank Brandtjen, President of Brandtjen & Kluge, Inc. "We were impressed with the reputation Haskins had and we were confident Kluge could move the product line forward to meet the expectations of the market." In addition to introducing the Kluge UniFold in 1999, today the company manufactures and sells the OmniFold as well as the BoxStar and Small Box folding and gluing systems. Whether entering into the converting and finishing market or looking to expand your capabilities, Kluge manufactures the system you need. For a company so well known for its foil stamping, embossing and diecutting equipment, expanding their product line to include folding and gluing has been both a new venture and a challenge. "Such a large percentage of our customer base both finishes stock and then folds and glues it. Expanding into offering post-press equipment is a natural fit. The challenge has been to educate the customer base that we are more than just foil stamping, embossing and diecutting manufacturers," says Hank. Kluge - A Four Generation Print Finishing Manufacturer Today, Kluge is quite proud to be a fourth generation company still manufacturing in the United States. "Any time you reach a milestone like 100 units of a particular system, everyone at Kluge takes pride in the accomplishment." In reflecting on the achievement, Hank Brandtjen noted, "Great employees, a quality product and dedicated customers; it's what Kluge is all about." "I will hurt you if you take away my Kluge UniFold" Rusty Williams, Bindery Foreman, Jones Printing Services likes his new UniFold Automatic Folder/Gluer so much that he threatens to hurt anyone who tries to take it away from him! The Chesapeake, VA based print shop was established by Harry Jones (President) and his mother and father in 1976. Since then over 30 years later, the company has grown to 50 employees, including Harry's three brothers and more recently, two nephews. Jones Printing Services configured their UniFold with a vacuum feeder, segmented table, converting station, Kluge patented vertical buckle fold unit, Final Fold II, 2-head hot melt glue system, and additional hot melt glue applicator. Their custom configuration gives them the most versatile machine setup for quick make-readies on the products that they manufacture, such as pocket folders, manual covers and collateral for health care providers and professional service vendors. "The Kluge UniFold automatic folder/gluer is a solid machine. Our previous folder/gluer (not manufactured by Kluge) only 'just about' did its job, and was reaching the end of its life. We wanted a fresh machine that would be easy to operate and help us expand further into the folding and gluing market. For us, the UniFold seemed the only way to go, its modular construction makes the machine easy to configure for many different folding and gluing applications. Since its installation, the Kluge folder/gluer has proved that our choice was the right one. With user-friendly features and speedy make-ready times, the machine has a very quick learning curve as well as multi-functionality, making it our ticket into the converting industry. Needless to say, we are very pleased with our UniFold and are enthused to have this equipment as a part of our print shop." - Harry Jones, President, Jones Printing Services