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Crawford Technologies Announces Major Product Enhancements To Pro Suite

Press release from the issuing company

Toronto, Ontario, February 6, 2007 – Crawford Technologies Inc. (CrawfordTech) has announced the availability of major product enhancements to its industry leading transform family with the release of Version 3.0. New features include enhanced full color support, incremental font handling options, expanded support for image formats as well as support for new operating system platforms and throughput performance enhancements. The CrawfordTech PRO suite of transform software retains its position as the fastest transform products in the industry benchmarking at three to four times faster then competitive products. The CrawfordTech PRO transform suite, which features conversions between all major print formats, now provides support for full color PostScript, PDF and AFP input and output as well as color PCL output. These capabilities can be used for a wide range of purposes including bringing the operational printing controls that AFP provides to the full color capabilities in PostScript and PDF as well as enabling full color AFP (FS45) applications to be converted and displayed on the web and printed on PostScript/PDF printers with no loss of color. While the CrawfordTech suite of transforms has always provided the greatest range of configurable font and resource management capabilities, the release of Version 3.0 adds still more options so that users can make the CrawfordTech transform suite fit transparently into their environment. The newest font capabilities include font sub-setting, font mapping to external resources and AFP outline font support. The already rich support for image formats has been expanded to include both TIFF and JPEG within AFP object containers. These enhancements enable the merging of scanned images into transactional data applications such as bank statements. The CrawfordTech PRO Suite of products has always had the widest range of operating system support in the industry, and now support has been added for HP-UX Itanium, Suse Linux as well as HFS and USS support under z/OS. This continued expansion of support allows customers to evolve their operating environments with no loss of investment in CrawfordTech products or the requirement for expensive application re-writes and file transfer processes. The PRO Suite of transform products has always been the fastest performing software in the industry and CrawfordTech is continuing to increase that gap with every new version. This ongoing enhancement effort shortens customers’ processing windows with fewer servers, thus further lowering the total cost of ownership for these critical functions. The new release is being made available to CrawfordTech partners and customers with current support agreements beginning in late March.