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Release of Impostrip On Demand Digital 5.2 with Optimized PDF

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, February 31st, 2007 -- Ultimate Technographics Inc, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is proud to announce the release of Impostrip OnDemand Digital 5.2 with the Optimized PDF option. The use of Optimized PDF greatly accelerates VDP and step and repeat jobs like business cards in digital print. A powerful solution for any digital printer Impostrip OnDemand Digital is the most powerful imposition tool for digital printing offering full automation and Dynamic Imposition. It increases the quality of each print, making any digital printer more profitable. Impostrip OnDemand Digital means “peace of mind” by insuring consistency from one project to another without the operator’s intervention. It provides production efficiency to deliver short runs on time, all the time. Impostrip OnDemand optimizes production by grouping more than one booklet on a sheet, thus cutting cost, increasing the profitability of each job and ROI on equipment. Thanks to Impostrip OnDemand Digital’s ability to take over 150 types of files, print providers never say “no” to a customer, providing a great competitive advantage. Optimized PDF tool increases your speed Optimized PDF is used by many VDP software vendors because of the efficiency at the RIP stage. Optimized PDF means that elements that are repeated from page to page are cached in the memory of the RIP. This speeds imaging but if the imposition software does not support the optimization it will produce a “fat” PDF for every imposed sheet that will greatly increase file size and imaging time. The proper use of Optimized PDF makes PDF workflow for VDP as efficient as some of the proprietary DFE’s that deal with redundant data in a post rip configuration using formats like PPML. The new Optimized PDF option in Impostrip has a dual advantage: - If you have a document already compressed as an optimized PDF, Impostrip OnDemand Digital will impose it in this form and output as an optimized PDF as well. This method is 10 times faster. - If you have a regular PDF file, imposing a job with multiple usage of an image, as step and repeat, you have the option of creating an Optimized PDF as you impose through Impostrip OnDemand Digital. Impostrip OnDemand Digital 5.2 will be shown at DSCOOP in Tampa Florida starting Feb. 1. Ultimate is an HP Indigo Publishing Partner and a sponsor of the DSCOOP HP Indigo user group. Impostrip OnDemand Digital is a stand alone product on Windows and Mac that will process PDF and PS files from any source, or work with JDF or HP.imp workflows. It can be published on a network and becomes a server application through the hot folder configuration. Additional features of 5.2 can be seen at www.imposition.com. A fully working 5 day demo can be downloaded at http://www.imposition.com/ondemand.html