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Ultimate will demonstrate Automation At the DSCOOP Annual Conference

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, January 30th, 2006 -- Ultimate Technographics Inc, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, will be exhibiting at DSCOP, the HP Indigo user group event in Tampa, with one goal in mind: demonstrate how automation can make HP Indigo users more profitable. Mission Automation Return on investment, also referred to as ROI, is the reason why Ultimate Technographics is offering digital printers a fully automated imposition solutions such as Impostrip On Demand Digital, Impostrip Book Stacker and Impostrip Repurposing. The line of thinking at Ultimate is simple: “Why settle for less for your digital press? Ask for automation, impose yourself!” The Evolution in Imposition for Digital Print Imposition is no longer simply creating a layout to produce a booklet with the right number of pages in the right order, it has become more than that. Imposition is a key step to prepress and it is not to be disregarded. Modern imposition is also about setting up your job to output in such a way to optimize your production. In order to increase your productivity in terms of imposition for digital print, you need: - Tools that allow you to only print black marks, - Tools that allow you to start printing your job before the entire 600 page VDP job is completely imposed, - Tools that allow you to create .imp templates at a touch of a button, - Tools that allow you to automate the imposition and reduce human errors by using hot folder driven templates that can easily be linked to any workflow that process jobs of varying number of pages and page sizes. - Tools that help you impose Optimized PDFs respecting this form for a job to output 10 times faster. Powerful imposition is more than layouts based on binding methods. Our solutions will not only impose, but will save you time, materials and reduce the human error. Impostrip + HP Edition The Impostrip + HP edition is highly optimized for HP Indigo presses, supporting the proprietary imposition format of HP Indigo presses, including the easy .imp template creation. Impostrip + HP edition is client server software that can support multiple users. Impostrip Repurposing for your Indigo Hybrid print manufacturing operation are now asking for our solution in repurposing offset to digital automatically using imposition intelligence to repurpose large runs to short runs using the original imposed file and realize a higher profit on each short run project. Impostrip Repurposing also enables companies operating in hybrid offset and HP Indigo digital environments to “de-impose” their offset jobs and efficiently create cost-effective final proofs on HP Indigo presses. Impostrip Book Stacker for digital books on your Indigo Impostrip Book Stacker automates and optimizes the production of print on demand books on Indigo presses by using two dimensional optimization. Users can automatically place the maximum number of books stacks per sheet and to group their depth for variable length book production. Customized Solutions for HP Indigo users Ultimate has been an HP-Indigo partner since 2005. We provide HP-Indigo customers with the most intuitive imposition tool to automate any projects, from personalized mail or graphic intensive brochures to on-line digital books; their is always a way to optimize and streamline the flow to the press. Ultimate partners with each customer by addressing their specific needs for automation and often develops custom integrations into the customer’s specific workflow. Ultimate is an HP Indigo Publishing Partner and a sponsor of DSCOOP.