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Ultimate announces Impostrip Book Stacker

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, October 9, 2006 Ultimate Technographics Inc, the pioneer and leading imposition software developer, announces the release at Graph Expo of Impostrip Book Stacker This is a unique application that automates the process of creating Cut & Stack Jobs; for customers doing one-off books of varying lengths – photo albums and book-on-demand. Impostrip Book Stacker will be shown live in the HP, IBM and Ultimate booths at Graph Expo in Chicago. Based on the Impostrip core technology and the Ultimate page pairing automation intelligence, Impostrip Book Stacker prepares and sends to print imposed books as each set of 2, 3 or n-up gets ready for printing. Benefits: -Eliminates the need for operators to attend each job to add blanks -Allows a faster and non-interrupted imposition process going to the Rip -Insures optimization of digital presses by feeding imposed books non-stop -Reduces Paper waist by optimizing imposition This unique tool is designed to allow customers to drop multiple books into a single Hot Folder to reach a high level of automation. Once the Book Stacker Hot Folder is configured with specific n-ups (n-stacks) and other preferences, it automatically imposes the pages accordingly, supplying blank pages for each book to complete all stacks of the first set, to move to the next one and so on. Impostrip Book Stacker will automatically fill all stacks and complete the imposition for all the books in the folder without any supervision. “Digital printing and more specifically web-to-print process requires a new breed of imposition tools that automate production for digital presses,” explains Joanne David, Executive Vice President of Ultimate. “When you are producing one copy of a book from an on-line order, you don’t have a lot of time for prepress and you must simplify your process for binding one book at a time. This is even more important for books produced with variable content. It is also the case for production optimization to print as many pages as possible per impression.” Impostrip Book Stacker has the following features: Input Files - PDF, over 150 Mac and Win PostScript applications, EPS and Tiff. Dynamic Job Calculation - Automatic calculation of the number of sheets needed every time a new book arrives in the queue. - Automatically add blank pages to refill the signatures - Job sets are automatically created as new books arrive Priority options for File Order: Options to determine how to sort and place books files: 1.Alphanumeric Order 2. First In Marks All standard cut marks, folding marks are included as well a color bar. Print Out-Put Formats PDF, PS and JDF as Duplex, Manual Duplex, Last to First, Back First, Groups of Signatures Job Progress Preview Window - Color preview - Info panel displays job information such as the number of Blanks used - Highlights the Active set - Displays the queue type: Single or Multiple - Displays File Order settings: Alpha/First In/Optimize Print Option - Option for “Force Print” to allow printing of a job even when the Job Set is not 100% completed. In this case Book Stacker will add the needed blanks to allow this. - Option to manually add a job file or to replace existing one. - Option to allow jobs reprints without processing files again. - Option for manual Hold and Release - Option to define how many copies to print. The downloader will be used when printing to the press Built-in Templates - Includes Portrait, Landscape, Repeat Stack templates. Impostrip Book Stacker is a Windows based software that will be available in the fourth quarter of 2006. It is hot folder driven and can be placed on a network to service all workstations.