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GMG ColorServer Separation module now available as standalone version

Press release from the issuing company

Tuebingen, (August 14th 2006) - GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, today announced that the ColorServer Separation module is now also available in a standalone version. GMG ColorServer is constantly progressing towards becoming a best seller. Besides the full version, GMG ColorServer Pro, GMG recognized the demand for the ColorServer Separation module. Until now, this module was only available as an add-on, along with a GMG ColorProof licence. However, there were numerous users who did not want to 'slow down' their GMG ColorProof by executing separations on this workstation. GMG cannot expect these customers to purchase an additional ColorProof licence, just to perform separations. Therefore, GMG will offer GMG ColorServer Separation as a standalone module. GMG ColorServer Separation offers the separation functions known from GMG ColorServer Pro More and more RGB data is being supplied, due to the digital camera boom. The data very often arrives in an unedited form-meaning that the resolution has to be adjusted (scaled) to the specific size, and the file sharpened in accordance with the changed resolution. The RGB data is subsequently separated into the required CMYK color space (industry standard or in-house standard). The hot folder technology of GMG ColorServer handles this procedure completely automatically, meaning that the RGB data is placed into a hot folder and scaled, sharpened and separated in accordance with the parameters assigned to the hot folder. Worthy of mention is GMG's 3D sharpening function, which sharpens to different degrees depending on the scaling. Lower degrees of scaling are sharpened less than when a higher level of scaling is applied. The separations generated by GMG are far more balanced than separations produced using ICC. In other words, less post-editing is required and there are fewer problems when printing (e.g. artifacts in vignettes, color shifts due to unbalanced separation, etc.). Also included in GMG ColorServer Separation is a PDF-to-PDF conversion function for RGB data. This means that RGB data embedded in PDF files is separated into the required CMYK target color space. If CMYK data is already embedded in the PDF file, it is handled in linear fashion; i.e. left unchanged. The target groups for this product are extremely diverse, ranging from - Agencies with their own prepress departments - Repro houses and prepress businesses - Printing shops and digital printers - Publishing houses and newspaper publishers - Photographers. "We take great pride in the success of GMG ColorServer, launched last fall," says Robert Weihing, general manager of GMG GmbH & Co. KG. "For the upcoming months and years, we see a lot of potential for the product. It was obvious to us to react to customers' demand, and offer the separation module of GMG ColorServer as a standalone version. We believe that we can gain access to new markets that only require the separation functionality of GMG ColorServer."