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okBalance from MAN Roland & System Brunner speeds makereadies & enhances color consistency

Press release from the issuing company

October 24, 2007 -- MAN Roland and System Brunner have developed a better way to achieve optimum color reproduction with an offset press, while maintaining color consistency throughout the entire press run. Called okBalance, the innovation goes beyond measuring ink film thicknesses to actually gauge gray balance variations in overlapping colors and correct the press automatically.
okBalance is available as an optional software module for MAN Rolands ColorPilot color control system. That means it can be used on a wide range of MAN Roland press models, configurations and sizes.
A Balanced Approach
In operation, okBalance works in conjunction with the MAN Roland/System Brunner modules PrintConsult and Instrument Flight, analyzing color quality from their control strip. In addition to measuring the process colors in each zone, okBalance analyzes the overprinted gray balances of cyan, magenta and yellow that constitute the jobs midtones and shadows.
Such gray balance analysis is critical when ink temperatures increase, dampening chemistry changes, or other variations occur during a press run. Conventional solid ink density measurement cannot spot such discrepancies, but gray balance analysis detects them immediately. And when it identifies such anomalies, okBalance automatically readjusts the ink zone slides on a MAN Roland press to keep the color consistent throughout the run.
The systems gray balance approach to color consistency applies an   extra level of quality control in an area where it will be most noticed. Ninety percent of all color problems in a four-color job are caused by variations in the halftone dots in the individual colors or in positions where two or three colors overprint.
Whats more, the most recent research shows the variations that affect color balance are most noticeable to the observer.
Devices that measure ink film densities cant see such discrepancies, but by analyzing the interaction of inks okBalance can. As a result, press operators no longer have to rely on their eyes to set the proper color balance for each job. okBalance completes the task in an instant, using the PrintConsult color control strip as its reference point. Makereadies are faster, and color consistency is improved.
Consistently Satisfied Customers
That last advantage is particularly important to print buyers whose brands are defined buy the color of their packaging and promotional materials. okBalance ensures that their colors stay consistent from the first sheet to the last, no matter how long the press run.
Increasingly, the print buyers are relying on international standards, such as System Brunners Globalstandard, to safeguard the appearance of their brands in print. Globalstandard controls 30 variables that influence color reproduction in printing, including inks, substrates, blankets and press settings. okBalance contributes to the consistency by controlling color adjustments according to gray balance analysis.
okBalance is easy to learn and easy to use. Since it is an option with MAN Rolands ColorPilot system, press operators can master the use of the software as they complete their ColorPilot training.
An illustrated brochure with complete information on okBalance is available at www.manroland.com.