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Oce Announces New Application for Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Nov. 15 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced that Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film can be used to create film positives for screenprinting applications. This film offers exceptional optical clarity and can attain very high black ink image density, which is ideal for creating digital film masters used to "burn" screens for screenprinting applications. Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film offers a cost-effective solution for creating in-house, short-term film positives. Additional overall savings can be realized when using this film with lower cost dye inks. Because of its hybrid coating design, this film's ability to produce high-density blacks with dye inks makes it an economical short-term alternative to more expensive combinations such as pigmented inks on microporous coated films or traditional photographic methods. Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film, when printed at 1440 dpi with Epson dye inks and Oce complimentary ICC profiles, offers a Dynamic Range (DR) of greater than 4.0 (Dmin 0, Dmax >4.0); when printed at 720 dpi it offers a DR of 2.7 (Dmin 0, Dmax >2.7), tested using an 18A UV density filter(1). This film has an exceptionally clean, clear background resulting in minimum exposure time required to burn the screen. "The combination of Oce's clear film technology, free ICC profiles and the lower cost of dye based inks offers a very economical solution for creating short-term digital screen print positives," said Dan Halkyard, Director, Wide Format Marketing, Oce Imaging Supplies. "We set out to find new and innovative ways for customers to use our products to help them become more successful. These films possess superior technology to create film positives at a cost-effective price, and they can also be used in display graphics and GIS applications." Additional Uses for Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film This 4 mil clear polyester based film can also be used in indoor display graphics applications such as window signage and in geographical information systems (GIS) applications such as mapping overlays. Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film can be used with thermal and piezo inkjet printers using both dye and water-based pigment ink for display graphic applications. It can be combined with optically clear adhesives and laminates to increase its functionality and durability while maintaining its superior level of clarity. Availability Oce Universal Clear Inkjet Film (item FC1050 with stripe and FCNS04 without stripe) is available for order now. Item FC1050 is available in 24-, 36- and 50-inch widths, and FCNS04 is available in 24-, 36-, 50- and 54-inch widths. For information and help locating an Oce Imaging Supplies Authorized Reseller, call toll-free 1-800-323-4827. For additional product information, visit http://www.oceusa.com/imagingsupplies .