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Dalim Software shows range of high-end, browser-based, production tools tailored for the newspaper industry at IfraExpo

Press release from the issuing company

Kehl, Germany – In an industry first, Dalim Software unveils its sophisticated production workflow tools tailored to the requirements of newspapers at IfraExpo 2005 (Leipzig. 17-20 October). Already an established leader in the design and development of powerful software for the prepress, print, packaging, advertising and publishing industries the newspaper sector is a logical evolution for Dalim Software. “At IFRA we will present the newspaper industry with probably the most advanced, open, scalable and versatile production workflow tools which can be configured to suit the multi-format, multi-site, high productivity and high quality requirements of newspapers, including browser-based soft-proofing, planning and edition management,” says Dr. Carol Werlé, CEO Dalim Software. The company will show the significant flexibility and productivity of its solutions to meet demanding newspaper production requirements including: DALiM TWiST intelligent automated workflow software; DALiM SWiNG pre-configured workflow modules; DALiM DiALOGUE softproofing, and the company’s unique internet-based production management and job tracking system, DALiM MiSTRAL. For the first time the company will demonstrate seamless integration with several third-party newspaper-specific MIS, editorial, advertising and production systems and will announce a important strategic partnership at the event. The DALiM TWiST automated production workflow has a high-level of functionality including: database-driven workflow, web-based job tracking and administration, advanced ink control, etc. Including more than 150 standard workflow tools, DALiM TWiST permits precise configurations for newspaper workflow requirements quickly and easily. For example: automating page pairing, file conversions (PostScript to PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3, for example), applying ICC colour profiles to very complex specific workflows, and automatic delivery of 1-bit TIFF or PDF plate files to multiple sites. The DALiM MiSTRAL web-based production management system is both the common electronic submission interface for production assembly and the interface for subsequent production tracking, administration, correction, approval and printing. The system allows all parties involved in the development of “publishable material” to have a single, common electronic interface to obtain information on the development of the project in real time and from any remote location. JDF compliance is a central component to DALiM MiSTRAL, allowing tasks such as advanced job ticketing, imposition, and preflighting. DALiM DiALOGUE provides on-line ability for remote and collaborative viewing and soft proofing of files on all current client operating systems via the Internet. DALiM DiALOGUE can integrate with a wide range of third-party automated workflows either via “hot folders’ or directly using JDF. Users view files in high resolution to approve single and imposed pages from any location in real time. Newspaper advertisers can view, zoom in/out, navigate, place annotations, take densitometer readings, check production parameters, and even ‘chat’ in real time. The recent receipt of key industry certifications and alliances by Dalim Software is an important criteria for newspaper publishers. These include: - SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) Certification for the DALiM DiALOGUE soft proofing solution for the Apple 23inch and 30 inch Cinema Display HD monitors and the Apple 20 inch iMac computer. This confirms that DALiM DiALOGUE consistently renders colour accurately on a monitor and that hard copy proofs will match those viewed on screen, even for colour-critical projects. - 100% compliance with all nine Ghent Workgroup PDF/X-1a PLUS output specifications. - Integration of DALiM TWiST as the core preflighting and validation engine within WebSEND, Australia’s internet-based advertising delivery service to 1200 Australian and New Zealand publications. Newspapers that have already implemented Dalim Software solutions successfully to manage the demands of multiple edition production planning, soft proofing, and multi-site print production automatically and to high quality standards, include: US: US News, World Report and Parade Publications; UK: The Guardian, News International and Associated Newspapers, The Telegraph and Sport Newspapers; France: Sud Ouest, La Presse Flamande, La Journal du Dimanche, CMP Medica France(Quotidien du Pharmacien and Quotidien du Medicien) and Germany: Focus. “The positive experience of these newspapers worldwide has been a major factor in our focus on the newspaper sector,” says Marketing Director Gee Ranasinha. “The industry will see the development of tools which automate tasks specific to the industry and to the publishing industry at large.”