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Oce Introduces Comprehensive Performance Management Solution for Outsourced Document Services

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO--Sept. 26, 2005-- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced that Oce Business Services has introduced new Oce MAX(TM) performance management software. The easy-to-use application enables organizations to more effectively and proactively manage business processes associated with document management. Oce MAX software is the industry's first comprehensive solution for the challenges companies face in attempting to measure and monitor document processes and efficiency. It addresses the limitations of spreadsheets and other tools with different user interfaces, incompatible data standards, limited information sharing and lack of process flow, in a secure environment. The web-based reporting and analysis tool offers a best practices alternative for the increasing number of companies that are demanding more robust, integrated capabilities to manage business performance, including document processes. "Information associated with the document lifecycle - from capture or creation through distribution, printing, storage, access, and archiving - is often unavailable because data is scattered across disparate processes and locations," said Riley McNulty, IDC analyst and document process management expert. "Without visibility into the document process, businesses are unable to answer basic questions about performance and costs associated with this function. The Oce MAX application tackles this challenge, allowing companies to peer into the details of the document process at each location as well as generate a snapshot of key performance indicators across the entire organization." Oce Business Services customizes Oce MAX software to address the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) unique to each client and industry. Based on Six Sigma(TM) methodologies, Oce MAX implementations ensure that the crucial performance indicators for each client are systematically measured, monitored and benchmarked. Clients then can see where and how to make meaningful improvements in their document processes, often yielding significant benefits including: Significant cost and time savings Improved productivity Increased alignment between strategic business objectives and daily operations including mail, reprographic and records processes Better management of Service Level Agreements with client document process management vendors Oce Businesses Services recently implemented the Oce MAX(TM) application for a Fortune 50 company at 38 offices in 18 states. This has enabled the client to easily monitor numerous document processes in multiple locations, save money and reduce the amount of time spent by staff on document process activities. The client has been able to identify areas for improvement as well as best practices to be shared across the entire organization. For example, because the client now has an up-to-date, aggregate view of postage balances on all postage meters across all locations, it was able to identify a quarter of a million dollars in excess postage sitting dormant on its meters. Additional savings have been realized through more efficient, accurate tracking of outbound overnight packages sent by employees. By instituting controls that limit such expenditures only to situations that require overnight delivery, the company is expecting to save more than $400,000 annually. "Oce MAX is a unique, innovative solution that brings greater visibility, accountability and control to document process management," said Joseph R. Marciano, President and CEO of Oce Business Services. "For over 25 years we have delivered superior levels of accountability and service. Now we have provided our clients a tool to measure us by. Only a company that consistently delivers results at such a high level would be comfortable enough to enable clients to measure its performance at such a micro level."