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Specialty Printing And Jetrion Develop Unique Solution For Producing U.S. Government Identification Labels

Press release from the issuing company

ANN ARBOR, MI – September 21, 2005 – Every vehicle entering certain United States federal government facilities has one thing in common: each must display a highly-visible identification label on the exterior of their windshields, which carries a large, unique ID number printed on a weather-durable reflective substrate. The ID labels are an important component of government security. Understandably, the federal government's production specifications for them are rigorous, and the delivered products are inspected intensively for compliance with their standards. To produce them, the government turned to Specialty Printing LLC, a diversified manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels based in East Windsor, Connecticut. Specialty has built its reputation as a quality-driven label company that tackles difficult jobs, and the vehicle ID label clearly came under that heading. Initially, Specialty produced the labels by running them offline using CMYK thermal transfer. The process was slow and costly, and while the results had several shortcomings, at that time it was the best solution available. A new solution emerged earlier this year, when Specialty installed Jetrion's 3025 Inkjet System – a drop-on-demand UV inkjet system – in line on one of their 12 Mark Andy presses. Utilizing Jetrion’s UV 3000 Custom Ink Program, Specialty had the company develop new custom inks specifically formulated for production of the government label. "We're very pleased with the results that Jetrion's 3025 and the UV 3000 Custom Ink Program have delivered for us," said Bill Bailey, president of Specialty Printing. "We're now printing the variable numbering in line. We're getting faster production and higher quality with greater cost-effectiveness. In working with us, Jetrion provided more than breakthrough UV inkjet technology. They developed custom high performance inks specifically for the reflective substrate to give us the precise color, maximum adhesion and weather-resistant qualities that, in every way, meet our standards for the highest quality and most efficient production of this unique label." Dr. Ken Stack, president of Jetrion, commented, "Specialty Printing challenged the Jetrion R&D team to develop a unique solution for one of the printer's most critical label jobs. They relied on our depth of knowledge and experience in inkjet technology for results that would stand up under their demanding scrutiny. We developed a solution that not only has given Specialty the right answer for the job, but has also demonstrated Jetrion’s inkjet capabilities that offer opportunities for innovative label applications in other areas."