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Vio Composer Studio Released

Press release from the issuing company

ROSELAND, NJ -- September 20, 2005 -- Vio Worldwide today announced the US release of Vio Composer Studio, an integrated multi-tiered solution, for streamlining artwork creation and delivery by automating mundane, repetitive and labor intensive creative processes. Users are reporting that they can produce, proof and distribute targeted, nationwide print advertising and sales promotion campaigns in a fraction of the time, and at 40% to 50% of typical costs. And Vio Composer Studio is very user-friendly, accessible via a standard browser interface that can be branded to an advertiser, studio/agency or brand owner. For more information, go to www.vio.com. User Quote "Since Vio Composer has been installed we have experienced an 80% increase in speed of turnaround, enabling us to take on campaigns we wouldn't have been able to handle fast enough before," noted Paul Ridgeway, Managing Director of Adzone. "This 'push-button' ad creation means that two operators alone can achieve in a day and a half what used to keep a studio busy for a full week. Reworking a single ad used to take 20 minutes: with Vio Composer it's done and dusted in under 20 seconds." Vio Quote "Today's fast-moving global markets demand new technologies to alleviate the pressure on marketers to turn around complex campaigns at ultra short notice. Said Chris Friend, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. "Brand owners want their marketing spend channeled into creative development and media space, rather than production, while brand integrity remains critical. Vio Composer Studio combines the best features of composition engine-based solutions with optimum creative flexibility to help marketers achieve more with less." How It Works With Vio Composer Studio, agencies and studios can establish production and delivery profiles for each advertiser, linked to their own media planning systems. Original artwork can be uniquely tailored to any specification. Advertisements can be quickly and effortlessly customized to take in variables such as headlines, sub-headings, locations, illustrations, photos, copy, site details, opening hours, logos, pricing and contact details. Ads are sized to exact insertion specifications. Users experience increased productivity and vastly improved efficiency. The flexible creative control of the rules-based designs also locks down and ensures brand consistency and creative integrity. Underlying Vio Composer Studio is a fully searchable digital asset management system, which is specifically created to meet individual client requirements. The system is designed to hold both templates and variable artwork elements, which are stored as a low-res PDF reference file, EPS, or native Quark or InDesign formats, enabling users to instantly search and view all archived material. The XML composition files used to create the artwork are also stored, including all selected content references and creative rules information, enabling the user to re-use a job directly from the original composition file. Compatibility Designs can be created in QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign, enabling any operator familiar with these applications to easily multiply and modify templates to get the most from the solution. There is no limit to the number of templates that can be created and stored in the system, and each template can have almost infinite variables attached. Finished files, in user defined formats whether PDF, EPS, Quark or InDesign, are automatically delivered into user approval cycles, also user defined, and then on to their destination, with no distortion and pin-sharp quality, accompanied by a Job Ticket containing full copy instructions. The Vio Digital Workflow Suite of delivery tools provide full tracking, notification and audit of the files delivered.