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Screen Showcases New Output Devices, Enhanced Pdf/Jdf-Based Workflow Systems And Popular Prepress Products

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ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. - Integrated solutions aimed at meeting print buyers' demands for quality, speed and product diversity will continue to drive any-size printing operation. Screen (USA) has remained ahead of this industry trend with an impressive array of products and enhanced details that weave prepress and print production into a seamless workflow. Screen will demonstrate the latest breakthroughs at PRINT 05, reflecting the contribution to the graphic communications industry of Screen's JDF-enabled Trueflownet operating environment. The Screen booth (#6100) will showcase new output devices from the Screen digital offset press line and PlateRite series thermal CTP platesetters. Trueflow 3.1, an important upgrade of the popular PDF- and JDF-based workflow management system, will debut. Showgoers also will witness how the newest versions of the Rite family workflow modules within Trueflownet can help printers serve their customers better, faster and smarter. TruePress 344 Represents New Generation of Digital Offset Press Fast makereadies, lightning print speeds and rapid job changeovers are the hallmarks of the four-color TruePress 344 digital offset press. The TruePress 344 is a professional production machine that incorporates the latest innovations in printing plates and laser imaging. The TruePress 344 employs the traditional wet offset process to print on a wide range of substrates. In addition, the first-generation dot ensures that optimal image quality is transferred directly onto the plate. The TruePress 344 has a maximum sheet size of 13.4 x 18.5 inches and a maximum imaging area of 13 inches x 18.1 inches. With a top printing speed of 7,000 sheets per hour, the TruePress 344 will produce a 500-sheet, single-sided job from start to finish in less than 15 minutes. The TruePress 344 utilizes a high-speed 830 nm multi-array laser diode (MALD) to image processless plates. Plates can be imaged at 2,400 dpi resolution using screen rulings up to 175 lpi. In addition, using Screen's highly acclaimed Spekta screening method with the TruePress 344 will enable printers to enjoy the benefits of traditional offset printing and AM/FM hybrid screening in their digital printing solution. PlateRite Ultima 24000 Serves 24-Page Format The PlateRite Ultima 24000 is the perfect solution for high-quality imaging of large-format thermal plates. The PlateRite Ultima 24000 handles plates as large as 68.9 x 55.1 inches for publications, books, inserts and packaging. It can output up to 21 plates per hour depending upon the sensitivity of the plate media. The versatile device also accommodates plates as small as 25.6 x 21.7 inches. The PlateRite Ultima 24000 can be equipped for optional dual plate loading. Screen's optional automatic inline plate punching is the industry leader for precise register on press. Like the entire PlateRite Ultima family, the PlateRite Ultima 24000 features a 512-channel laser diode imaging head based on Grating Light Valve (GLV) technology. PlateRite 8800II High-Speed Eight-Up CTP Screen's newest eight-up thermal platesetter supports two-page plates up to the largest eight-page plate sizes. The PlateRite 8800II features the next-generation GLV technology. The 512-channel exposure head images 30 plates per hour, with a high-speed option for outputting 35 plates per hour, making the PlateRite 8800I one of the fastest eight-up devices on the market. It includes Screen's unique clamping and automatic drum balancing for optimal stability. It can be configured for fully automatic, continuous operation. At PRINT 05, Screen will demonstrate the MA-L 8800 multiple-cassette autoloader, which can hold up to five different plates sizes for a total of 500 plates. PlateRite News 2000 Brings Efficiency Gains to Newspaper Prepress PlateRite News thermal platesetters are making the versatility and productivity of Screen imaging technology available to the newspaper industry. The PlateRite News 2000, which premieres at PRINT 05, combines reliability and quality with the exceptional output of up to 80 plates per hour. It features a 64-channel laser diode imaging head and has a maximum plate size of 38.6 x 26.8 inches. Two broadsheet plates can be loaded simultaneously. Four standard image settings - 1,000 dpi, 1,016 dpi, 1,200 dpi and 1,270 dpi - provide the right resolution to suit the job at hand. The full range of PlateRite automation allows unattended operation. Truepress Jet520 Meets the Needs of the Variable Printing Market The Truepress Jet520 is new full-color variable printing inkjet printer designed to meet the needs of the variable printing market. It offers the perfect balance of exceptional performance, high print quality and low operating costs. This pioneering system brings together Screen's customer-proven prepress technology and the latest developments in inkjet printing. Superb color management and fast processing speeds combine to produce personalized catalogs, direct mail pieces, full-color account statements and other high-quality printed materials based on customer databases. Trueflow 3.1 the Core of Trueflownet Trueflow 3.1 drives CTP production and digital printing presses, and facilitates communication between MIS and prepress, press and postpress operations. With the release of Trueflow 3.1, Screen increases the efficiency of printing businesses by strengthening MIS cooperation with every phase of the production workflow. Furthermore, Trueflow 3.1 introduces an exciting color separation technology to dramatically reduce the production time and costs packaging printers and commercial printers encounter using multiple colors. Trueflow 3.1 also enhances the packaging options available to printers since the launch of Trueflow 3 at Drupa 2004. Riteportal, Ritetransfer, Riteonline and Riteapprove, which provide PDF creation, online job submission, ordering and final production approval for customers, can be connected to the Trueflownet environment through JDF and production-ready PDFs. This process interconnection raises automation of prepress production to the highest level. Trueflow 3.1 automatically incorporates JDF-enabled data received from MIS into a job. It notifies MIS when job processing begins and ends, allowing operators to monitor progress in real time. Ritecontrol Optimizes Prepress Workflow Ritecontrol connects seamlessly with Trueflow 3.1 to optimize the prepress workflow. In addition to distributing the workload, accelerating output calculation speed and increasing uptime, Ritecontrol can be used to provide a consistent plate supply using schedules designed by the process management department. When connected to MIS, Ritecontrol will track the prepress time and update the printer's MIS system. It automatically transmits plate information to post-processing. The JDF job ID from the MIS and the PPF data (containing ink key control, cutting and folding instructions) can be combined to automate the preparation settings and eliminate late-stage input errors. Riteonline 2.1 Offers More Choices, Faster Document Ordering Thanks to Screen's web browser-based document ordering system, printers get down to business faster, so they can improve the return on investment of technology and the business bottom line. Riteonline 2.1 streamlines the ordering of dynamic and static documents for small to medium-size printers. It includes a web-based document customization module with built-in approval process. Printers' clients can order customized documents or reprints anytime via their web browser. They can order and preview PDFs for online editing, content approval and proofing. Approved orders are output as production-ready PDFs. By reducing manual intervention, Riteonline 2.1 trims cycle times, lowers costs and improves productivity. With Riteportal 2.0, Print Jobs Get on Press Faster Riteportal 2.0, the latest release of Screen's Internet customer portal, now integrates Adobe PDF JobReady software and Enfocus PitStop Library preflighting and Certified PDF technology into the Riteportal workflow. Riteportal 2.0 solves many of the problems graphic arts providers experience with PDF creation and transmission, such as missing fonts and incorrect profile settings. Riteportal 2.0 enables creative professionals to prepare and deliver via the Internet error-free, production-ready PDF files. Riteportal 2.0 features the powerful Enfocus preflight engine. An automatic connection to a web address streamlines uploading and job ticketing. The printer establishes creation settings and preflight rules. PDF output exactly matches these production requirements and technical specifications. Errors can be identified and fixed before files are uploaded. Once the PDF meets the printer's production criteria, it travels over the Internet to the print site Riteportal 2.0 server. Received files are automatically placed into predetermined hot folders or print queues. Riteonline V3 Portal Edition for Reliable Online Job Submission, Document Ordering Riteonline V3 Portal Edition combines the best features of Screen's PDF submission and online job ordering systems. Riteonline V3 Portal Edition integrates the robust PDF creation, preflight check and online job submission capabilities of the Riteportal customer portal with the streamlined ordering and approval processes of Riteonline. Riteonline V3 Portal Edition contains a customized printer-branded PDF creation client and a server-based web application. The client software takes advantage of built-in Adobe PDF JobReady technology and Enfocus PitStop Library. Print providers can offer their clients reliable, highly secure workflows based on Adobe PDF. A turnkey software application, Riteonline V3 Portal Edition seamlessly integrates into the Screen Trueflownet workflow. Riteapprove 1.2 Brings Unprecedented Efficiency to Approval Process Screen's new online approval software is fully integrated with the Trueflow workflow system. It eliminates delays and potential errors associated with manual approvals. Riteapprove 1.2 functions in Hot Folder, Job Container and Job Recorder workflows. Production operators easily send a request for approval to several people with a few clicks of the mouse. Once approval is received, Riteapprove 1.2 automatically sends the status to the production operator and Trueflow system. The operator is free to work on other tasks in the meantime. Ritetransfer 1.5 a Fast-and-Easy file Transfer System Ritetransfer 1.5 is an intelligent job submission portal enabling customers to submit jobs directly from their desktop. Ritetransfer 1.5 solves such typical submission problems as email, FTP or CD. It complements the Riteportal PDF delivery workflow. Its generic file transfer client software enables customers to send any files to their print provider that connects to the same Riteportal server workflow process. Ritetransfer 1.5 provides a customized and branded drag-and-drop client application. It supports JDF output and can generate a JDF INTENT file if necessary. Riteinspect Safeguards Against Inspection Errors Riteinspect is a next-generation digital plate inspection system. It eliminates the costly time delays and potential human errors associated with manual plate inspections. Riteinspect ensures proper inspection and comparison of proof data and final output data. Using Riteinspect will improve prepress efficiency, prevent mistakes and increase client confidence in the plate output workflow. Ritepolisher Pro Ensures High-Quality Images The appearance of photographs is arguably the most important element of a color proof. Ritepolisher Pro brings out the very best in photographs when working with PDF/X-3 or PDF/X-1a data. Ritepolisher Pro allows printers to control the final print quality of images by changing their individual setups. Anyone can easily control how the finished images will look in print. The Screen booth also will include two recent additions to the PlateRite Ultima series, as well as popular, customer-proven prepress solutions: PlateRite Ultima 32000Z The PlateRite Ultima 32000Z outputs four-page to 32-page plates. Dual 512-channel imaging heads allow it to produce 80 x 50-inch plates at 18 plates per hour and 60 x 45-inch plates at 24 plates per hour. It can image two eight-page plates simultaneously at 46 plates per hour. A choice of adjustable imaging resolutions is available. The platesetter offers optional inline plate punching. Single- or multiple-cassette autoloader options are available. PlateRite Ultima 16000 The PlateRite Ultima 16000 handles plates from 25.6 x 21.6 inches to 57.9 x 45.9 inches, so users can image four-page plates through 16-page plates. The 512-channel laser diode head images 57 x 45-inch plates at the rate of 23 plates per hour. The PlateRite Ultima 16000 features adjustable imaging resolutions from 1,200 dpi to 2,540 dpi. Automatic inline plate punching helps eliminate human error. The platesetter can be fully automated to handle up to 400 large plates without operator intervention. PlateRite 4300 The PlateRite 4300 affords fast plate production for two-page, four-page and six-page format presses. It comfortably and consistently outputs up to 20 plates per hour. This speed and reliability come from its advanced external-drum design and high-precision, 32-channel laser imaging head. Optional inline punching delivers perfect on-press register and faster makereadies. Spekta Spekta screening delivers higher print quality and image detail than line screens of 300 lpi or higher, without changing from 175 lpi conditions. Spekta blends the fine pattern reproduction of FM screening and the consistent results of AM screening. The placement of dots is always randomly calculated; there are no interference patterns between screen angles. Spekta also overcomes the problem of rosette moiré. Screens can be output at 2,400 dpi with no loss of productivity. To experience these innovative Screen technologies and much more, visit booth #6100 at PRINT 05, September 9-15 at Chicago's McCormick Place Complex.