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Flint Ink Launches New Arroweb Ink System Setting New Industry Standard For Heatset Performance

Press release from the issuing company

ANN ARBOR, MI - September 9, 2005 - Flint Ink Corporation, the world's largest privately-owned ink manufacturer, has launched its new ARROWEB ink system, an exceptionally robust, consistent and versatile ink series, that sets a new high standard of performance for the full range of heatset printing applications. The ARROWEB ink system is Flint Ink's response to customer demand for a versatile heatset ink system that provides outstanding performance under a broad spectrum of production variables. The system is a significant development by a team of Flint Ink chemists, formulators, technicians and applications experts specially assembled to work with leading heatset web printers to create the new ARROWEB inks. Starting from ground zero with world-class chemistries and Flint Ink's unrivalled global raw material resources, the team produced a totally new ink system that incorporates advanced proprietary resin chemistry, and can handle the requirements of all heatset printing operations. Several leading high-volume printers of magazines, catalogs, newspaper inserts and other heatset products across the country tested the ARROWEB ink system in their pressroom operations. Their reports confirmed that Flint Ink's new ARROWEB ink system delivers robust performance across all of their various heatset applications, prepress platforms, paper substrates and press equipment. The new ARROWEB ink system provides proven pressroom benefits in all types of operations, including quicker color start-ups, exceptional ink transfer and gloss, excellent ink-water balance, high-quality output, consistent color control and reproduction. Six Sigma protocols are in place at Flint Ink heatset ink manufacturing facilities throughout the country, providing unsurpassed control of quality and consistency for all new ARROWEB products. The exceptional quality of the new ARROWEB inks is an important advantage on longer-run jobs, and becomes even more important for printers who regularly run jobs across multiple production sites. With its exceptional versatility, the new ARROWEB ink system will, in many cases, enable printers to reduce the number of ink sets they require on their pressroom floor for different types of jobs, significantly reducing handling time and costs, and conserving limited pressroom floor space. Organized by tack and strength to achieve maximum production efficiencies for various applications, the new ARROWEB ink system also has customization options available to accommodate requirements such as coatability, special hues and enhanced rub resistance. As a consequence, even though a printer may opt to work with a reduced number of sets, the new ARROWEB ink system provides more flexibility within a given set. Mike Green, VP and General Manager, Flint Ink North America Publication and News Ink Divisions, notes, "Our new ARROWEB ink system gives heatset web printers a new, unprecedented level of operational flexibility to cross over into new markets to expand their business. With the new ARROWEB system, even using fewer ink sets, they can more easily transition into different kinds of work or switch to new substrates, because they don't have to substantially change the way they run their presses to print a children's book or a commercial job. The new ARROWEB system unquestionably has established the new heatset standard to support the industry's drive for productivity and growth." Information about the new ARROWEB ink system will be available during Print 05 at the Flint Ink booth (#857).