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Quark Adopts New Logo And Identity

Press release from the issuing company

DENVER - September 9, 2005 - There's a friendly sign of change at Quark: a new logo and visual identity that signal that the company is leaping forward into the future of creative communications. “Quark has undergone a major transformation to become more open and customer-focused, and we have a focused vision to go with our new attitude,” said acting president Linda Chase. “We now provide the tools to express your innermost creativity, build a brand for your business, work together towards a common goal, or help you sell your product. Many people don't realize how much we've evolved. Our new logo and brand will project the significance of this change to our community around the world.” “Our new logo is one of the most articulate symbols of the new Quark, and I feel proud to have led the team that worked on it,” said Susan Friedman, senior vice president of strategic relations at Quark. “It's a positive sign of change that has re-energized our staff and caught the attention of our customers and partners, who understand that Quark is dedicated to relationships built on trust and mutual goals. There's a positive energy with our customers right now, and they're shaping where this company is going, and how we'll get there.” New logo, new identity system The new logo is a combination of pure geometric forms that suggests a stylized “Q” in a vibrant green that evokes energy and vitality. “It's fresh, inviting, and open,” said Glen Turpin, Quark's director of corporate communications. “It's radically different from our old logo. That's why it's the perfect symbol for the new Quark. Our company has changed dramatically. Like our new logo, once people catch a glimpse of who we are today and where we're going, we'll be impossible to ignore.” The logo was designed by SicolaMartin, a division of Young & Rubicam Brands. “This really was an incredible opportunity for us, as an agency. We specialize in high-tech clients, so usually we're doing work that speaks to IT professionals. To get to actually target designers, art directors, and creative professionals was a really fun challenge for us,” said Steve Martin, senior vice president and executive creative director at SicolaMartin. “Not only that, but to have the freedom to re-brand such a well-known company as Quark — and to create a new logo for them, as well? We were excited.” Quark green In support of the launch of Quark's new brand identity, Pantone Inc., the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, has dubbed PANTONE 368 as “Quark Green.” According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, renowned color psychologist, and author of five books on color, “PANTONE 368 was the perfect choice for an innovative company such as Quark. This yellow green, a symbol of growth, is invigorating and revitalizing, and breathes new life into a brand, in addition to drawing attention to it. By embracing this color for its new logo, Quark is giving its customers the connotation of the continuing growth of ideas and concepts, and that it is on the edge of new technologies.” “The green just came into being. I was looking for something that would take Quark in a completely new direction — a color that was friendly and inviting, but would also really help Quark stand apart. We wanted to help Quark break out of the visual 'sea of sameness' that lumps together so many corporate software companies,” said Chris Wood, creative director at SicolaMartin and designer of the new Quark logo. “It really was an evolution. The more I played with the green, the more it came to represent so many things that Quark has gone through: rejuvenation, growth, and rebirth. It just seemed to make sense.”