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Prism Launches Prism-WIN SBE

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, IL---September 9, 200-- Prism USA Holdings, developer of MIS/ERP software products and shop-floor productivity management tools for the printing and graphic arts industry, today announces the release of Prism-WIN SBE (Small Business Edition). Designed for small- to mid-size printers, Prism-WIN SBE is an ideal Management Information System (MIS) for businesses that need a full-featured solution at an entry-level price. Prism-WIN SBE supports the JDF standard and features all the capabilities needed to manage printing businesses, including quoting and jobbing, production management, financial management, sales order processing, report writing, purchasing, inventory, and shop floor management. The pre-set modules provide management and control for almost every process and function performed within a printing business. “Prism-WIN SBE takes business management to new levels of control and profitability. With Prism-WIN SBE, we're providing printers the power of a full-featured MIS at a price point that's realistic for small businesses,” comments Leland Morgan, General Manager of Prism USA Holdings. “The system is easy to implement, and it provides sophisticated intelligence that will assist small businesses in understanding exactly what is happening with jobs, from estimating through delivery.” Prism-WIN SBE, based on power of Prism-WIN, is a software suite with up to 14 templated modules that are tailored to the requirements of smaller commercial, digital, or label printers. The range of modules provides management and control of almost every process and function performed within today's print businesses. The flexible design allows printers to select the modules suitable to their business needs, with the ability to add modules as needed. As businesses and operations grow, printers can easily upgrade to Prism-WIN in the future with full data retention. The seamless upgrade provides growing printers with advanced production scheduling capabilities and greater customization of style sheets, customer find screens, and business rules. Prism-WIN users can also maximize the performance of new and existing presses through the integration of Prism-QTMS iQ, a print management system with machine-monitoring modules and custom-developed sensors that automatically record and collate shop-floor information and statistics. Prism-WIN SBE modules include: --- Sales Order Processing: Pre-validation and audit systems give users the ability to offer exceptional customer service by keeping them fully informed of stock levels and delivery dates in real time. --- e-Service Desk: A user-friendly, Internet-based customer service site provides customers with 24/7, online access to account information, such as previous print jobs or quotes, current stock levels, recent quotes and orders, goods placed on backorder, and jobs in progress. --- Estimating: Estimators can utilize the module's simplified quoting techniques, which also ensure the best price for the customer while using the correct margins to improve the bottom line. --- SBE Production Jobbing: Automate the workflow by easily converting successful quotes to jobs, producing automatic work tickets. --- Shop Floor Management: With machine and labor productivity being critical factors in business performance, this module provides an accurate view of productivity of the entire production department, allowing job-by-job profit and loss analysis. --- Purchasing: This module simplifies and streamlines the purchasing process, saving time, ensuring accuracy, and control. --- Inventory: When stock control is cost control, the SBE inventory module turns reordering into an exact science. Minimum and maximum stock levels can be set to allow for automatic reordering for both Just-in-Time inventories and controlling customers' finished goods usage. ID/serial number information is recorded allowing for accurate tracking and location of stock. --- Production Board: Users can maximize plant efficiency, monitor deadlines and reduce costs with the Production Board module. Its graphical interface allows users to easily identify bottlenecks in production. --- SBE Financials: Printers gain instant access to all the information required to successfully control finances such as accounts receivable and payable, cash book, and general ledgers. Comprehensive drill down capabilities and graphical reporting make analyzing financial information easier. Printers can purchase Prism-WIN SBE modules individually or in special-purpose suites, such as the Production Management Suite or the Accounting Suite. The Prism-WIN SBE Production Management Suite includes modules for quoting, job management, inventory/finished goods, purchase order, and shop floor management. The Prism-WIN SBE Accounting Suite includes general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash book modules. Prism-WIN SBE can be run on either the Oracle 9i or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database. These industry-standard databases allow the use of third-party tools such as Crystal Reports to aid in data mining and report writing. Prism-WIN SBE runs on a variety of Windows operating systems, including Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, 2000 and 2003 Server. In addition, Prism-WIN may be installed in a “thin client” environment using Citrix or Windows Terminal Services. The Prism-WIN database is also open to ODBC connectivity, allowing it to be resourced from third-party software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access. Prism-WIN SBE will be on display at Print 05, booth #6521, from September 9 through September 15 at McCormick Convention Center in Chicago. Prism will also demonstrate Prism-WIN, a fully customizable enterprise MIS solution, and the recently upgraded print management system, Prism-QTMS iQ. All Prism solutions support the JDF standard. To see a product demonstration, contact Prism at 800-581-4071 or send an email to [email protected].