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Customized Presses Provide High-Quality Print Products for Williamson Printing

Press release from the issuing company

Williamson Printing from Dallas, Texas, ordered four customized presses with a total of 51 printing units from Heidelberg at drupa 2004. The four machines comprise a Speedmaster XL 105 eight-color model with coating unit, two Speedmaster SM 102 twelve-color presses with coating unit, and a Speedmaster CD 102 ten-color machine with three coating units, three drying units and an extended delivery - making this the second order for a customized press with 16 printing units. The first press has been installed and has been in commercial operation since May 2005. The installation of the second press will begin late August 2005. The last of the four presses will be installed by June 2006. These purchases will enable Williamson Printing to supply high-quality advertising material with an impressive range of surface finishing techniques to its very demanding customers in the jewelry, fashion, automotive and home furnishings industries. Its exceptional print quality and rich vein of creativity have combined to make Williamson one of the most innovative companies in the graphic arts industry. With a workforce of 450 team members and annual sales excessive of $80 million (more than 65 million Euro), it is one of the largest printshops in the U.S. specializing in high-end unique commercial printing. The demand for customized machines of this type is growing all the time. At the current time, every one in five ‘102’ (70x100 centimeter) format presses supplied by Heidelberg has been customized. Customers' expectations are becoming increasingly complex and demanding, as a customized press allows them to specialize and occupy market niches that can offer competitive advantages. Heidelberg's experts work alongside customers to ensure that solutions meet their very specific needs. The development, product management, production, service and spare parts departments all work together closely to assemble a package that is seamless. Williamson Printing had a particularly large wish list of coating and surface finishing options. The Speedmaster SM 102-12 with coating unit was personally inspected and approved at the Wiesloch site by owners Jerry and Jesse Williamson, who were particularly impressed by what they saw. The modular design of the presses enables Heidelberg to create customized configurations outside the regular run of series production models. The customized presses generally have more printing units than standard presses. Most customized Speedmaster SM 102 models, for example, are long perfecting presses. Heidelberg is the market leader par excellence in this sector, having a global market share in excess of 70 percent. This corresponds to an installed base of over 900 presses. The long perfecting presses can also be configured for UV printing, as is the case with one of the two Speedmaster SM 102 twelve-color models with coating unit ordered by Williamson Printing. More than 16 percent of coating and drying units supplied by Heidelberg are destined for customized presses. Heidelberg also supplies offline surface finishing machines that support a vast range of coating and surface finishing options. The Speedmaster CD 102 Duo is a particularly interesting configuration, since it combines two printing processes – flexo and offset. This unit supports a particularly rich spectrum of coating and surface finishing technologies and special effects and does so inline.  Most customized models are ordered by industrial printers working the 70 x 100 format market. These presses are destined primarily for Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and the USA. Demand in China is increasing all the time. The medium format 50 x 70 centimeter is also growing in popularity. A Speedmaster CD 74 Duo is now also available in this format. The Speedmaster SM 52 LD provides inline surface finishing for the small format market and also supports punching and coating.