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FasTRAK Violet CTP installed at Lawrence, KS

Press release from the issuing company

Rolling Meadows, IL August 16, 2005 - The Lawrence (KS) Journal-World has installed an alfaQuest Technologies' FasTRAK Violet CTP imaging device. The FasTRAK Violet CTP imagers provide breakthrough technology by offering high speed and high quality in a small footprint and at a very competitive price. The imaging engine is only 69" (L) x 52" (H) x 35" (W) and fits in basically the same space as the film recorders they replaced. The Lawrence Journal-World's FasTRAK Violet CTP imager is interfaced directly to the alfaQuest TrakMATE II automatic plate loader, providing a production capacity of 1,000 Kodak T77 Violet double-truck plates. "We are extremely pleased with the speed and quality of the alfaQuest FasTRAK Violet CTP platesetter," stated Ed Ciambrone, Production Director of The Lawrence Journal-World. "Using the TrakMATE II auto-loader and one platesetter, we have doubled our hourly net throughput, and eliminated labor expense in the plate room. I don't necessarily need 100 of our 30" plates per hour all the time, but it is nice to have that capacity when we are under deadline, or when the press is waiting on a remake. This will also allow us to be more efficient as we approach the busy 4th Quarter when we have increased color and increased pages in our Daily and Weekly products." To complete the installation goals set by the staff of The Lawrence Journal-World, the FasTRAK Violet CTP platesetting line is complimented with a KPG on-line plate processor and an off-line Burgess plate punch/bender. Ed Ciambrone goes on to say, "We are also very pleased with the Burgess AutoBend and the Kodak Violet plate. These are a perfect match to the alfaQuest equipment. The Burgess uses the same registration points as the alfaQuest platesetter, providing us with consistent image placement and plate bending from plate-to-plate. We have already noticed a reduction in press downtime due to registration issues and plate moves. The AutoBend allows the pressman who used to bend plates, to focus on the press run at hand, rather than bending plates for the next pressrun." David Ericson, District Sales Manager for alfaQuest Technologies was able to provide The Lawrence Journal-World with a complete system package, beginning with alfaQuest's PlateMATE CTP workflow and Production Management Solution through to the Burgess AutoBend. "When the Journal-World decided to move forward with CTP, we knew the first item needing to be addressed was their current film workflow. To resolve all of the issues related to making the jump to CTP, we first installed an alfaQuest PlateMate system. PlateMate allowed us to maintain Lawrence's investment in their previously installed RipExpress' while providing them with features such as Page Pairing, Soft Proofing, Page Approval Queues and Multi-Burn capability." As nothing can better describe a satisfied customer more than making plans to move forward, Ed Ciambrone summarizes everything by saying, "We have found that this equipment is relatively simple to operate and maintain, and I am currently preparing a recommendation to add a second line of alfaQuest CTP equipment." John Lally, Vice President of Sales, alfaQuest Technologies, "FasTRAK Violet CTP has proven to be the best price/performance CTP available and is experiencing outstanding success in both the Private and Corporate Newspaper ownership sectors. Since its debut at NEXPO 2005, multiple Page Co-Op and Gannett Newspapers have selected FasTRAK Violet CTP. We are as gratified with the success of FasTRAK Violet CTP as our Customers are with its price, capability, and attractive support options, which combine to provide them with a very low Cost of Ownership." The FasTRAK Violet CTP utilizes a field-proven opti-mechanical system for alignment and positioning, ensuring repeatability of ± 0.001 inches, for highest quality color registration. The straight through flatbed design incorporates a new plate transport system, which has proven to be both very reliable and simple to maintain. FasTRAK Violet CTP can image single or double-truck newspaper pages at 1016, 1200, 1270, 1524, 1800, 2032, 2400, or 2540 DPI. Rated at either 150 or 225 broadsheet plates per hour (at 1016 DPI), FasTRAK Violet CTP allows manual feed for small to medium sized operations or quickly connects to the 1,000-plate-capacity TrakMATE II autoloader.