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Citiplate Fields A Family of New No-Process Conventional, Thermal, And Violet Digital Plate Technologies

Press release from the issuing company

(Westbury, NY – August 8, 2005) Citiplate Imaging Technologies today announced a triple technology break-through in no-process plate coatings: a new family of Citiplate-developed photopolymer formulations in Citiplate's No-Process Imaging Group that makes it possible for users of conventional imaging technologies and thermal or violet CTP platesetters to image plates and go right to press, with no processing step whatsoever. Process-free digital and analog plates made with the new coatings self-develop on-press within a few turns of the press cylinders. No chemicals or press changes are required. Citiplate is now in discussion with U.S. and international distribution companies about distributing Citiplate-manufactured no-process analog and digital plate products using these technologies. The first such arrangements to be negotiated will be in the 2-up and 4-up (under 24-inch) market segments. Citiplate-manufactured no-process products will also be sold under co-branding arrangements with distribution partners in the U.S. and overseas. No process plates made with Citiplate's coatings offer real economic benefits. There's no plate processor to buy, lease or to take up valuable floor space. (Smaller shops, for example, can use that space to add another press or other revenue-producing products.) There's also no costly processing chemistry to repetitively buy, replenish, and discard. What's more, plate production will never again have to be shut down for processor maintenance. And, the processing timesavings of process-free plates can mean that more jobs get on and off-press each day. It all adds-up to a better way to run a printing business. "Citiplate is proud to be the one-stop source for conventional and digital no-process plate technologies,” says CEO Gary Dolgins. “Our new process-free plates now make it possible for users of all leading thermal, and violet CTP systems, as well as printers who have not made the transition to CTP, to step up to the smarter economics of no-process plate workflow, simply by purchasing plates made with one of our no-process coatings." The new thermal and violet Citiplate no-process digital plate formulations are respectively designed for plate imaging in leading CTP platesetter brands, at the manufacturers' standard wavelengths, power levels and resolution settings. Citiplate's no-process thermal digital plate formulation images at 830 nm and is currently released in controlled sales to resellers and distributors. The no-process violet digital plate formulation features high imaging speed, for use at the lower power levels generated by latest 405 nm violet laser diode platesetters. Release to the market is set for late 2005/early 2006. The no-process conventional plate formulation is currently released to the market. It can be imaged in a standard contact frame using either a diazo, UV or multi-spectrum bulb, making it ideal for printers that have not made the move to CTP. It can also be imaged at 368 nm by a CTcP platesetter. Citiplate views this conventional no-process technology as a “bridge” to help printers make the transition to CTP at their own pace. Citiplate Imaging Technologies supplies optimized offset printing plate formulation solutions to other industry businesses. We draw upon our wealth of proprietary and patented photopolymer, polymer and manufacturing processes in designing digital and analog plate solutions optimized to the characteristics of leading UV, thermal and violet platesetters, as well as for specific presses, workflows, print applications and run-lengths. Optimization's goal is to maximize the end-user's CTP platemaking success and savings. Businesses who supply plates to end-users find our optimized solutions the smart way to build customer satisfaction, high-level recommendations, and profitable repeat consumables orders. Citiplate's business-to-business clients include electronics and consumables distributors, volume specialty printers, large purchasing groups and platesetter manufacturers. Further information about Citiplate Imaging Technologies and the new, no-process formulations in its No-process Imaging Group can be found at Citiplate's website, at www.citiplate.com.