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Expresscopy.Com Installs A Fourth Xeikon 5000

Press release from the issuing company

Portland, OR & Itasca, IL, July 27, 2005 - Expresscopy.com, a nationwide online digital printing company, has installed its fourth Xeikon 5000 digital color press. The company has built an extremely successful business model using the Xeikon digital printing technology which plays a key role in supporting expresscopy's rapidly growing volumes. According to Mr. Lee Dietz, President and CEO of expresscopy.com, "The Xeikon 5000 and its X-800 digital front- end form the core of our workflow. Specifically, we are impressed with the ease of operation of the Xeikon 5000 which drastically reduces the training time to get an operator efficient on the machine. In addition, the quality is much easier to maintain and daily maintenance is greatly reduced." Mr. Dietz continues, "At expresscopy.com quick turnaround is the key. The improved workflow automation from this system was a big driver behind our decision." Expresscopy.com's business model is focused on the ability to produce short run jobs with fast turn around. The jobs are either delivered back to the customer or to the post office within 24 hours of receiving the order. Mr. Dietz is ecstatic about the performance of the Xeikon system. He says, "We are very impressed with the performance of the equipment --- especially concerning applications and workflow. Considering the fact that expresscopy.com runs 400 to 500 different variable data color jobs per day, the workflow is extremely easy to handle. Most of our jobs have very complex variable data and the X-800 is perfect for handling such jobs. In addition, the X-800 gives us the power to digitally pre-sort the combined mailings from all our customers -- and minimize our postage rates. I don't know of another system with this capability." The Xeikon 5000 is the first digital color press which really succeeds in combining the best of two worlds: consistent high image quality and unparalleled productivity. The Xeikon 5000 also scores particularly high in terms of user friendliness and efficiency: toner can be added during a print run and press registration and calibration are automated. Xeikon's digital front-end, the X-800, offers an enhanced toolbox for rapid and optimum workflow automation and integration. The X-800 has been developed with high productivity in mind: the controller can easily process print jobs incorporating complex graphics with variable data from over 1 million records. Apart from the abovementioned features of the Xeikon system, there are two other unique capabilities that make it a perfect fit for expresscopy.com. According to Mr. Dietz, "About 90% of our jobs are duplex. Hence, One-Pass-DuplexTM web technology is perfect for our workflow. In addition, the majority of our output is numbered sheets that have to be kept in exact order. The Xeikon 5000's ability to automatically check color and registration eliminates the need to pull-off sample sheets to check quality." "Expresscopy.com is a prime example of a company that understands the digital color variable data print model. The company has carefully developed its applications and has found the right technology fit with the Xeikon system to most efficiently produce its print." says Kristof Vereenooghe, President and CEO of Punch Graphix Americas.