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Dalim Software Adds SWOP Certification For Apple 30 Inch Cinema Display

Press release from the issuing company

Kehl, Germany – Dalim Software announces that it has received SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) Certification for its DALiM DiALOGUE softproofing solution with both the Apple 30 inch Cinema Display HD monitor and the Apple 20 inch iMac computer. This is in addition to the previously certified DALiM DiALOGUE system utilizing the Apple 23-inch Cinema Display HD monitor. This certification confirms that DALiM DiALOGUE will consistently render color accurately on a monitor—hard copy proofs will match those viewed on screen, even for color-critical projects. Based on qualified testing, DALiM DiALOGUE v3.1 was SWOP Certified for use with the GTI SOFV-1ex viewing booth and the GretagMacbeth EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer. Adding the Apple 30 inch Cinema Display HD to the list of SWOP certified configurations means that commercial print companies can now install a DALiM DiALOGUE system by their printing press and check an entire 8-up signature more easily. Multiple monitors can even be used together to view even larger signatures. Checking for both content and color can take place in a totally virtual environment, far faster and as accurately as when proofing against a contract hard-copy proof. With the Apple 20 inch iMac listed as a SWOP certified configuration with DALiM DiALOGUE, clients such as ad agencies, designers, photographers and illustrators can now operate in a SWOP certified color-managed workflow without the investment requirement of purchasing an Apple G5 tower system and high-resolution Apple display. SWOP specifications offer a uniform standard of excellence in the print production of magazines, ensuring quality and consistency to the publishing industry. The specifications are, in essence, a compilation of best practices achieved in the publishing industry. A system deemed SWOP Certified is capable of producing proofs that match as closely as possible the appearance of a SWOP-Certified Press Sheet. Unlike other softproofing systems that require the user to either install a Web-browser plug-in, or even download and install an entire client application, DALiM DiALOGUE is a standalone system that requires no client software whatsoever. Because it is not an ASP solution, there are no “click charges” or monthly subscription rates for either the host (the printer) or their clients when viewing files. Furthermore, DALiM DiALOGUE’s software licensing doesn’t restrict the number of concurrent users. DALiM DiALOGUE supports all current client operating systems and is the only stand-alone SWOP Certified softproofing application that runs on a Macintosh. “Adding SWOP certification for the 30 inch Cinema Display and 20 inch iMac further increases the adoption of a SWOP certified DALiM DiALOGUE system at both ends of the print production process,” says Gee Ranasinha, director of marketing for Dalim Software. “Printers can now easily check entire imposed flats in seconds using the greater viewable area that the Apple 30 inch Cinema Display affords. Agencies and designers, in contrast, can color-check their work using the 20 inch iMac, significantly reducing the financial outlay previously required to join the softproofing revolution.”